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Roads get small slice of state budget
Hill Jack
Jack Hill

In the FY 08 budget, Georgia transportation programs will be appropriated $895,098,976. This amount equals to 4.42 percent of all state appropriations. Transportation is funded by the 7 1/2 cents excise tax (by gallon) and by a dedicated 1 percent of state sales tax on fuel.

Policy and budget initiatives affecting transportation in Georgia in 2008
The following bills concerning transportation issues were passed in the 2007 session of the Georgia General Assembly and came into effect July 1 unless otherwise noted.

SB 5: Requires the Georgia Department of Driver Services to check legality of applicants for licenses or ID cards through the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) Program, not later than Jan. 1, 2008.

SB 19: Requires the Department of Transportation to pay costs of removal, relocation or adjustment of utility facilities due to construction of public roads.

SB 38: Requires the presentation of a valid Georgia driver’s license or Georgia identification card to obtain a motor vehicle tag.

SB 77: Allows local auto tag agents to accept and process registrations under the International Registration Plan.

SB 87:  Requires the Department of Transportation to incorporate the use of RV friendly markers on specific service signs of businesses that cater to the needs of people driving RVs.

HB 79:  Allows local government automobiles and certain state officials’ cars to be exempt from state window tinting laws.

HB 231: Protects persons or services which remove vehicles or other obstructions from the roadway at the direction of law enforcement, fire or transportation officials from liability, except in situations involving gross negligence.

HB 419: Streamlines the process in which a person will be disqualified from driving a commercial motor vehicle due to specific traffic violations.

HB 457: Establishes a standardized administrative process to provide for the authorization and issuance of special license plates.

Transportation related funding in the FY08 state budget
Department of Driver Services
• $1.3 million  for 26 positions and operating costs for two new customer service centers in Loganville and the city of Clayton

• $538,000 for 10 investigator positions for the Georgia SecureID initiative

• $488,000 for 14 customer service center positions

• $2.8 million for the implementation of an electronic document imaging system

• $300,000 for a feasibility study for a new license issuance system

• $750,000 to construct a new Brunswick commercial driver’s license center

Department of Transportation
• $5 million for improvements to airports around the state
• $6.5 million in bonds for the Savannah Harbor Dike Disposal Area due to dredging
• $70 million in bonds for the Fast Forward program statewide (build roads statewide)
• $710,000 in bonds to repair roof at the Brunswick Port Warehouse
• Complete final legislative budget review for economic development
• Year-end revenue report

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