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Senate passes amended FY14 budget
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The Senate passed its version of the fiscal year 2014 amended budget totaling $20.2 billion. The main change to the FY14 amended is the addition of $313.98 million that includes $129.5 million for the mid-year enrollment adjustment.

The Senate version agrees with the governor and House and adds $25 million to the OneGeorgia Authority for competitive grants to local school systems for technology focused on connectivity. It also agrees with both the governor and the House by adding $15 million to the OneGeorgia Authority for rural economic development and $10 million for Regional Economic Business Assistance grants. The Senate agrees with the House to fund the state match for all private deemed and non-deemed hospitals eligible for the Disproportionate Share Hospital program but made slight changes based on later data.

The Capitol had its first Georgia Southern University Day on Thursday. Georgia Southern’s students and faculty displayed information on many of the programs and majors that make GSU unique. The entire Senate enjoyed watching a clip of the game-ending play of GSU’s upset win over Florida.

Bills passed in the Senate and onto the House
SB 283 - Allows students to be educated about the history of traditional winter celebrations and to offer traditional greetings. Passed the Senate 43-8.
SB 288 - Enforces the release of athletic associations’ annual financial reports. Passed Senate unanimously.
SB 291 - Repeals the Division of Aging Services in the Department of Human Services and creates the Georgia Adult and Aging Services Agency and the Georgia Adult and Aging Services Board, effective July 1, 2014. Passed Senate 45-5.
SB 292 - Establishes the Alzheimer’s Disease Registry within the Department of Public Health with the purpose of providing a central database of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or related disorders and to assist in the development of public policy related to such disorders. Passed Senate 45-6.
SB 240 - Allows non-profit museums to produce and offer free samples of distilled spirits. Passed the Senate 43-9.
SR 736 - Calls for a convention of the states limited to proposing amendments to the U.S. Constitution that place clear restraints on federal abuses of power. Passed Senate 37-16.

Bills passed the House and in the Senate
HB 737 - Allows malt beverages produced in private residences to be transported to other locations and consumed by the producer and other individuals.
HB 784 - Authorizes local governments to allow the sale of alcoholic beverages from 12:30 p.m. until 12 a.m. on any Sunday during St. Patrick’s Day holiday.

Bills introduced in the Senate
SB 322 - Removes the exemption for disturbing or destroying the natural habitat of poisonous snakes by using gasoline. Passed committee.
SB 336 - Limits the fines imposed by the State Board of Cosmetology from exceeding certain specified amounts.
SB 337 - Limits the fines imposed by the State Board of Barbers from exceeding certain specified amounts.
SB 338 - Exempts stabilization centers in rural counties from certificate of need requirements where no hospital now operates.
SB 346 - Requires at least one member of the Board of Community Health to be an active member of the State Health Benefit Plan.
SB 347 - Prohibits anyone under 18 years old from purchasing an electronic cigarette.
SB 349 - Establishes governing boards to oversee community service boards and revises the powers and duties of community service boards.
SB 350 - Allows for the bidding out of child welfare services statewide through public-private partnerships between agencies.
SB 358 - Defines “parent or guardian” in relation to filing a missing child report to include a foster parent, foster family member, or the Division of Family and Children Services.

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