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Snap out of it, sir!
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OK. I have to just get this off my chest because I just can’t even believe I heard it right … Governor Blago, comparing himself to the likes of Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and Nelson Mandela….? Give me strength. Why didn’t he just compare himself to Jesus? I mean, Jesus walked on water, too!

And now, just about every time you turn on the TV or pick up a paper, you read about another Ponzi scheme. Lots of people throwing their hard-earned money after a group of guys who promise 1,000 percent returns on their investments within a couple of months, and what do these eager investors end up with? Bupkis. Nada. And what do the schemers get? New suits, airplanes, trips abroad, luxurious vacations … you name it, they got it. So far there doesn’t seem to be any sort of penalty that these schemers and bamboozlers have to face, like prison time. A slap on the wrist perhaps, but other than that, there is no judicial smackdown going on. It’s almost like, “Well, we know they ripped you off, but you did willingly hand over your money.” Yeah, it’s fraud. Yeah, what they did was illegal, but…where is the jail time and why aren’t these criminals being forced to pay back what they really and truly stole? Same for the corporate bigwigs that took advantage of no oversight. They just sucked the companies dry, forcing them into bankruptcy and haven’t said “Sorry” about it yet. Why? Because they aren’t. It’s that old sticky word popping up again — “entitlement.” They felt like they were “entitled” to it because they were in charge. “Well, that money was just sitting there in those 401K plans … and … well … what the heck. We just felt like it needed to be spent, so we spent it!”

If these folks tried this in China? Do you even realize how severe the penalties are in China? The folks involved with the tainted milk scandal? Death. Imminent. They don’t waste time. The gavel bangs the table and they’re off with the noose around their necks. Yes. I agree. That is exactly what is lacking in this country. Not just strict penalties, but fierce penalties. This country is way too soft on criminals. Way too soft.

I think that should have been Obama’s first order of business. Hauling all these people off to federal prison and making them suffer it out till their trials and immediately selling off their assets to be put into a payback fund. Investors who got swindled could make a claim, and maybe not recoup all their losses, but perhaps get something back.

I mean, can this country really afford to be supporting abortion programs overseas? Not to the tune of $450 million. That money could better be used at home. How about using that money to increase teacher’s salaries? How about using that money to “incentivize” Americans? Our country would be humming along like a super freight train if we’d stop giving money to countries that never pay it back. Or, if we’d stop paying for programs we have no business getting our noses in.

Nancy Pelosi talking about all this money going into “family planning” programs? Hello!  If the drug companies want to donate birth control to local health clinics, that’s their choice. It shouldn’t be up to the taxpayers to pay for these programs. I think the state of Michigan is getting it right, making this unmarried couple pay back the state for the birth of their third or fourth child. All these “entitlement” programs? Bye bye! And don’t even get me started on what the illegals are getting. God love ’em, but if they want to reap the benefits of this country, get legal and speak English. Otherwise, stand in line and wait like everyone else at the hospital. Get caught without a driver’s license? The bus to Tijuana leaves in 10 minutes — be on it. Folks, for all the chicken workers and cotton pickers we’ve got out there, there are double that involved in criminal activities. Hasta la vista, baby. Here’s a big swift boot up yer backside back into Mexico.

And what is the deal with closing Gitmo? Pack up all those losers that our taxpaying dollars are supporting down there, put them on a big rusty bucket out in the middle of the ocean and tell them “Good luck!” No food. No fuel. No nothin’.  I wouldn’t give a rat’s bee-hind about the Army Field Manual, those guys deserve nothing better than what they were doing to our soldiers. Our sons and daughters. Our brothers and sisters. Our mothers and fathers. Our servicemen and our servicewomen. Does the new administration even remember what those guys are capable of?  Um … like … going on television and cutting people’s heads off? These aren’t just some unemployed guys from the Middle East. They are terrorists with a capital T!  If they got let loose on American soil, they would not think twice about strapping an arsenal to their chests, walking by an elementary school, and pulling the pin. That is what they do. That is what they live for. Destroying Americans. And Obama wants a ‘kinder, gentler’ form of interrogation? He has no experience dealing with these folks, and he thinks that he’s going to sway them by the use of his good voice and “rock star” appeal? Time to get real about it, dude. Get some people in your cabinet who haven’t been tainted by scandal and can kick some serious butt.

Pay attention, Mr. President. Four years is a long time, and I’m only gonna pull for you if I know you’re pulling for us.