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Take care and be aware
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“It’s 10 o’clock. Do you know where your children are?”
Remember that ‘heads up’ we used to get at night? I think it was on primarily during the summer, as I remember it well during the early to mid ’70s.
We knew when it was 10 o’clock cause our porch light would start flickering. That would be Pop’s five-minute warning. Your tail had better be smack inside that door by ten-o-five if you wanted to not only live another day, but also get the opportunity to go back out again the next night.
Nowadays, you can’t wait till10 p.m. to start wondering where your kids are. If you look around and don’t see your kids, you’d better git ta gittin’ and go find them. Eyes wide open, and on alert when you have kids.
I always know where The Kid is at 10 p.m. I check on him often, and double-check the Web sites he is on.
I know that he is not looking up stuff he shouldn’t be, and I also know the Web sites that boys his age like to go to.
Equal sign 3 is one of his favorites. Ray provides insane videos from all over the world. Lots of funny, goofy stuff. I don’t care for his emceeing the videos as often times he uses language that is not really appropriate or necessary, but The Kid understands that because Ray doesn’t have a great command of the English language does not make his choice of words OK. His vocabulary seems to run about 100 words, most of which are bleeped. But any kid with half a brain can lip read so ... you know ... still inappropriate.
So yes, I know where The Kid is at 10 p.m. and I hope all of you parents are diligent in knowing where your kids are all the time. And you do
NOT have to knock on their bedroom doors as long as they are living in your house.
Sorry kids, but that’s the way it goes.
Now, I’ve also been getting tips on other things that are going on that people seem not to be aware of.
Now is your opportunity to be aware. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
If you are at a mall, at a box store, anywhere there might be a large parking lot, be on the lookout for a new trap that is being set for us Good Samaritans.
You may see a baby carriage or stroller that looks like it might be abandoned. The “baby” is covered with a blanket or towel so that you can’t really “see” into the buggy or stroller. Being the concerned citizen you are, you go to investigate as you cannot wrap your mind around a parent leaving a little baby behind somewhere.
As you get close and go to lift the blanket or towel, you get clocked good on the side of the head by the perpetrator who has been hanging close by.
Off they go with your purse or wallet, leaving you hurt, dazed, and in financial trouble. If you happen to see a buggy or stroller that looks like it’s been abandoned, contact the police instead. Steer a wide berth and call 911.
Another trap happens at the same parking lots and gas stations.
Those folks who pretend to be selling perfume have a different angle. They will ask you to smell a sample but beware.
The trap is to have ether in the sample rather than perfume. You take a whiff of the ether and it will daze you long enough for them to snatch your credit card, wallet, purse, whatever. 
I have always walked as far away from those folks as humanly possible.
I’ve been accosted more times than I can count by the folks who are “deaf” and hand me a small cardboard placard announcing their situation, asking for money.
Don’t fall for it. If you see someone coming at you that you do not know, walk the other way. Fast.
I don’t want to sound callous or cold, but why take a chance?
We were at a gas station in Las Vegas when an elderly gentleman pulled up to the gas pump in his Cadillac and got out. Hubs was just getting ready to screw in the gas cap when the gentleman said, “I don’t have any money and I need gas to take my wife to the hospital. Do you think you could spare me a 20?”
Hubs said, “I’m sorry, I have no money on me.”
He was apologizing as he got in the truck, closed the door and started swearing under his breath, and we left.
He started feeling guilty later, thinking he should have just bought the guy a tank of gas on his credit card.
I said, “I guarantee you that guy is out every morning at a different gas station using that same old story. He wants people to think he’s trustworthy because he’s older, he’s driving a Caddy, and he’s taking his wife to the hospital. If she needed to go to the hospital so badly, he could just call an ambulance.”
“Wow. You’re right. That’s absolutely right. I feel better now.”
Another thing.
I no longer carry a purse. Or a pocketbook. Or a handbag.
Ladies, carrying one makes you a target. You like those big fancy flashy handbags? Expect to be approached.
Scam artists will always assume you have money on you if you are carrying a shoulder bag.
McGruff the Crime Dog has spoken.
Take care this holiday season. It’s the busiest time of the year for scam artists and thieves. Don’t become a victim.