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Tell it to the judge
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"Costa Rica is lookin’ better every day," said Judge Judy to her sidekick, Byrd.

Girl, she ain’t wrong.

I think if she’d had a frying pan under her desk, she’d have chucked it at the knuckle-head who didn’t think there was anything wrong with scamming a friend of his out of $1,800 and not thinking he needed to pay her back.

"What do you do for work, sir?" he was asked.

"I uh ..."

"Uh is not an answer. What do you do for work?"

"I uh ... have a recording company."

"Did you file taxes last year?"


"Uh is not an answer! Did you file taxes last year?"

"No. I was audited."

"You were audited? How much money did you make?"

"Uh, oh ...‘bout $18,000 dollars."

"And how much money have you made this year?"

He squirmed around a second, gave a smirk and said, "Nothin’."

"Do you have children?"

"Yes I do."

"How many?"


"How old are they?"

I think he said something like the twins were eight and the oldest boy was 10.

"How do you live, sir? Where do you live? Do you rent or own a home?"


"And is the house in your name, sir?"

"Ahhh ... nah ... in the baby momma’s name...".

"And what does she do for a living?"

"She’s a nurse."

Judge Judy nodded.

"How do you live, sir? Without work, what do you do for money?"

He laughed and said, "I got friends."

Well, he may not have too many friends after appearing on national television and declaring his "right" to take advantage of people, although he stated he didn’t feel he was taking advantage. He felt it was perfectly OK to take money from folks who had it and not paying it back.

Holy cow, people!

How is this guy not working for the Obama administration? He is what is known as the big umbrella of "Occupy Wall Street."

This is exactly what the administration is trying to pull of with its "level playing field" stuff and its "everyone gets a fair shot."

Excuse me, but how does everyone get a fair shot if there are no jobs available? How can Americans create jobs with higher taxes looming?

There was another gal who stood under the hot studio lights and had to get grilled by Judge Judy, and she was no different.

She was managing a restaurant and borrowed money from some poor ol’ dumb 17-year-old kid who was working there, and decided that it was a "gift" and therefore did not need to be repaid.

She was not working at the time due to a "disability," and the judge jumped all over  her about it, telling her she’d better get her butt out there and "get a job!" and suggested that she could work from home if she was unable to stand on her feet for any length of time. And then the judge nearly popped a blood vessel when she found out the woman had a 21-year-old, a 17-year-old, and a 15 year old living under her roof, and none of them were working.

"How are you living, madam?"

She shrugged and flipped her greasy long brown hair behind her and said, "I live off other people. If they offer money, I take it."

She didn’t see one thing wrong with it.

Declared that all the money she was receiving was "gift" money.

The judge informed her, "I’ll expect to see you in my court room again. Trust me."

It is simply infuriating, because more and more people are adopting the attitude that it’s OK to let other people pay their way, and that it’s wrong if they don’t get their fair share of what their neighbors are making. 

Scary, is what it is.

 The young man who was being batted around by Judge Judy and her Freddie Krueger gloves was trying to make himself appear to be a victim, which, as anyone knows if you watch her show, she does not go for.

Judge Mathis calls the method these folks use "dry beggin’." It’s the best term I’ve heard in a long time. 

Like when folks approach you in the parking lot of a store and say they need money for this or that, or when you have some family member who ups the pity party to a whole nutha level ... as in "I can’t pay my rent this month because my truck tires got slashed and I had to pay child support ’cause I was four years behind and my dog got eat up on the last huntin’ trip..."   You know how it is, they go all around the block to work up a good sob story so that it’s a soft hit on your wallet and not a direct hit.

It’s the way our government is working it right now.

They want to play on your sympathies, but if you’re smart,  you’ll just follow Judge Judy’s  classic line : "That goes under the category ‘too bad.’ Case dismissed!"

We have to remember that come November.

It’s the softer hit we won’t see until it’s all over.

And if we aren’t smart, we’ll keep gettin’ hit for the next four years.