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The Best Buy peace accord
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I admit to being the kind of person who will, when having to wait in line somewhere, turn around and start talking to other people.

I won’t do it if the wait isn’t long, but once about five minutes has passed, the “yak” button goes on and my inner ChattyCathy takes off.

I had the opportunity to chat with strangers over the past few days while waiting — and waiting — and waiting some more — in the Geek Squad line at Best Buy.

There was an older guy sitting on the stool next to where I was standing. He was commenting about everything going on around him at the time, and in particular, laughing about how The Kid was schooling Hubs on hard drives. He said, “I bet that kid is about 12...he knows it all!”

I said, “Correction. He thinks he knows it all … but that’s ’cause you’re right, he’s 12.”

And just when I thought my ChattyCathy button had been turned on, this guy’s inner yak button starts flashing like a strobe light and he goes headlong into a conversation with me, just as Hubs is approaching. Hubs gets pulled into the conversation as I pull back.

Interesting guy, as we were finding out.

He had a set of x-rays in a big envelope tucked under his arm, explaining he’d been riding a motorcycle in Thailand and was going like a bat outta hell when he “sorta crashed the darn thing...” and busted up his leg.

“Broke it in five places, but it’s doing better now. I was just over to see my doc.”

He said that he is ex-military and works with a bunch of guys who are also ex-military and take supplies and doctors all over the world. Thailand seems to be one place they go often.

I’m sure. (Yes, that is sarcastic. I’m dubious about everything.)

He talked about the Tamil Tigers over there and all the political upheaval that Thailand seems to always been in the middle of...

Hey. Wait a second ... isn’t that supposed to be Sri Lanka we’re talking about?

Of course it is.

I didn’t say anything, just let him continue on with the wild tiger-tale he was spinning.

Hubs saw an opportunity to pounce (har har, couldn’t resist) and got him talking about the political upheaval on our own soil.

They started gently tossing the ball back and forth, neither committing to a political side at first, but then as the rapid familiarity got settled, both decided that another four-year run of BHO would not be good for the country.

He wasn’t all that nuts about Romney ’cause Mitt seems a bit “weak,” and that he needs to start vetting some decent folks for his VP choice.

“I think Condi Rice would be a great choice for V.P., or Marco Rubio,” he volunteered.

Hubs was nodding and said, “Either would be very good, but the country probably isn’t ready for a female V.P. even though Condoleezza is a very smart woman and could do the job a thousand times better than that dimwit who’s in the slot now.”

Funny how strangers become long lost friends when the political ideas run along the same lines.

“And Rubio ... he’s a young smart guy ... he’d be really good.”

Hubs nodded in agreement, suggesting that Rubio would definitely be the smarter choice at this juncture.

They then launched into whatever good is eking out of the current administration with Hilary’s work overseas and Obama’s pumped up version of himself.

There were quite a few things getting their boxes ticked in a matter of mere minutes.

My Geek Squad agent then appeared from behind the dangling plastic strips with my paperwork, so I signed off and left the sick and sputtering PC with him.

The Kid was standing next to me, and I could see the emotional toll on his face ... watching his sick little baby being taken back to the operating room.

“It’s OK, son, they’ll have it fixed up in no time. Let’s go take a look at some laptops.”

The blood ran back into his face at that suggestion and we left Hubs to wrap up his conversation with The Most Interesting Man in the World.

After we looked at laptops and looked over the scant collection of decent video games, we signaled to Hubs to “come on!” and watched him shake hands with his new BFF and head for the door.

“Well, looks like you’ve made a new bestie there, old man. Good for you!” I said, teasing him for how pleased he looked with himself.

“Yeah, now that the political situation in the U.S. is solved, let’s go to Jack in the Box. I need a burger.”


World Peace in 20 minutes, and it didn’t cost $150,000 per plate.

Think of what Washington could accomplish on the Six Dollar Burger, not to mention how much money could be saved!

Toss in a side of fries and a cold drink, and you’ve got yourself a whole new kind of world summit.

Everyone goes away fat and happy.

Issues? Solved.
Fighting? Done.
Need money? No probs.
Terrorists? They’re gone.

All because a couple of Yak buttons got switched on and two middle-aged guys (both with AARP cards) came to a quick solution for the world’s problems.

Another episode from “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.”

It’s certainly better than what the administration is currently trying to hand us: “Plan 9 From Outer Space.”