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Another night of family entertainment.

I often wonder what other cultures think of when they come to the U.S. to visit and flip on the t.v. during a hotel stay.

Must be a real eye-opener for some of our foreign guests.

Americans’ tastes have certainly changed over the years.

Used to be you could turn on Marlon Perkins on a Sunday night and get a good solid educational program about nature.

"Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom." Such a great show!

Now you turn on what looks like a program about nature, and you’ve got "Hillbilly Handfishin," "Swamp People" and "Duck Dynasty."

I dig on "River Monsters," because at least Jeremy Wade isn’t a major goob, and he does reel in some pretty incredible freaks of nature.

Then if you decide you want a little "local flavor," you’ve got "Shahs of Sunset," "Real Housewives of Orange County/New Jersey/Atlanta/New York," "Jersey Shore" and a plethora of other skanky make-my-skin-crawl shows that depict life in various corners of America. Mind you, nothing so mild as a Nebraska corn farmer - unless they happen to also be cooking up meth in the barn - but for that you can just turn on "Intervention."

I was hooked on "Hoarders" for a little while, but some of those people are just beyond help. Now I am hooked on "Million Dollar Listings," both Los Angeles and New York, because I’m still agog that someone would pay $20 million for an apartment. It’s just insanity.

The Kid has a couple of favorite shows, one of which is "Billy the Exterminator." Too creepy for me. "Billy" needs to hook up with those folks on "Hoarders" because there is a mess of them that need his services.

He also likes "Dog the Bounty Hunter," because there is something fascinating about the criminal element and how lowdown ugly they can be. Of course, that goes hand in hand with "Cops" because — well, 

know — it’s fun to watch some idiot get into trouble with the law. Most of the folks on "Cops" have had a little too much alkiehall before the law got involved, and that usually makes for a couple of good laughs.