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The search for MySpace
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For some time now, I’ve tried to find a little space to call my own.

Mind you, I’m pretty well covered during the day. With Sunnybuns tucked away at school and Hubs wandering aimlessly, I can pretty much find a hide-out.

When the night time comes, however, it’s a different story. One of the males, but usually both, want or need some attention almost 100 percent of the time after 6 p.m. They’re perfectly independent when the sun is shining, but right around the suppertime dinner bell is when I get called upon for finding stuff, cooking stuff, doing stuff, whatever it is.
Sometimes I put my socks on and pad quietly around so they won’t notice me. They might catch my shadow moving past and then its all over. Dang that lamp!

I think I finally found the perfect spot, though. The Guest Bathroom.

All the space in the lower kitchen cabinets was just too claustrophobic. Plus, I had a hard time getting my fat behonkus down that close to the floor, never mind trying to squeeze into those tiny little nooks.

I can see Hubs now, eagerly putting on his screamin’ yellow goggles, and yankin’ that cord on the chainsaw to cut the cabinet frame squeezed tightly over my bee-hind.

Anyway, I was tidying up the Guest Bathroom one morning and thought, “Hmm ... no one ever uses this shower ... or bathtub ...” and I got right in with the Comet and cleaned that tub so well ... it just sparkled. I washed the shower curtain and put some pretty soaps out.

Once the tub was dried out, I climbed in and got a feel for the fit. Pretty good. Climbing out would be the hard part. Maybe I could talk Hubs into putting up a handicap bar for me.

As I was putting the shower curtain back up, I noticed the lighting over the tub area. Hmm. A little on the dark side.
“Hubs!” I hollered. “Whatcha doin’ right now?”

“Lookin’ for a pair of glasses!” he hollered.

I rolled my eyes. “Didn’t I just address that issue?” I hollered back.

“Yeah, but I can’t find my ballcap.”

“Hall closet. On the left.”

I heard him open the closet door and a muffled, “Oh goody!” came wafting back.

“Come ‘ere!” I hollered again.

He came down to the bathroom and said, “You’ve been in here all morning! What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” I said innocently. “Come and look inside this shower. Don’t you think we need a light over it?”

I could see the gleam in his eye. Yeah ... cut this, tear that, pull this, hammer that, screw this in..

“Yeah. I could do that. You want it right now?”

“I think you might as well, now that you’ve found a pair of glasses.”

I had my light later that afternoon.

Around 7, I snuck around and got my book, a Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll, a snackpak bag of Cheetos and a Coke.

I quietly climbed into my little cubbyhole and drew the curtain.

Seconds later, “Ma! What’re you doin’ in here?”


“How’d you find me??” I asked.

“I saw the light on. Can I have your Little Debbie?”

I handed it over and climbed out.

Sunnybuns climbed in.

He reached up and waggled his fingers toward the Coke.

I took a last sip and begrudgingly gave it up.

“Can I have your Cheetos, too?” he asked with a bright smile.

I handed those over and said glumly, “Here! Might as well have the book, too. Tell me how it ends.”

The search continues.