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The TEA parties must go on
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Didn’t it just do something for your soul to witness the thousands of folks that turned out of the tax day tea parties? It seems to me that it shows that the American spirit is alive and well. When we’ve had enough we just stand up and say so.

I must add that I did not make the effort to get to a tea party, looking at them on TV on Wednesday night I wished that I had. I did make a small effort in our community in that I handed out tea bags and asked that they be sent to our senators and congressmen, I also suggested that state, county and local governments were not beyond the reach of the tea bags.

I hear some of the media downplaying the realness of the effort. Folks, I just don’t believe that you can gather up 20,000 people in Atlanta without some realness to it. I believe that there was realness to it in Washington when they were there in the cold and the rain.

The message was loud and clear. It was not an anti-Obama rally, it was a rally against the unreal fiscal policies that Obama and his ultra liberal leadership in the House and the Senate have teamed up and passed. The unfortunate part is that there were so many of our elected congressmen and senators who went blindly along and voted the measures through in record time. Passing those “zillion” dollar measures without even reading them is a slap in the face of every voter who voted to put these non-reading legislators in office.

The posters held up at the rallies across this nation said it all. And, Mrs. Pelosi, it was the real grass-roots folks out there, not any Astroturf — one might suggest that you are the only fake in the lot. It’s time to take a look at what our country stands for and remember that events such as the Boston tea party made a difference in our early history. I believe that we can make a difference in our country now if we will continue to let the folks in Washington know how we feel.

And, Mr. President, I want you to be successful because our very country depends on it. But, sir, don’t go off around the world telling folks how arrogant we are and how we don’t support the world and it’s “un-American” ways as we should. When you go to Europe again, how about reminding them that twice in the last century we saved their hides and did so at great cost to us in dollars but even more so in the American blood shed on their soil.

Folks, can we just do this. Let’s each one take a pledge to write to our congressman and senators (and the others as you wish) at least once a month, tell them what we want and what we don’t like. You know, we are as smart as they are — if not smarter. And you know what else, next year there will be a lot of them courting us for their votes. We need to remember how they have voted and how we liked, or didn’t like, the way they voted.

Seriously folks, we can sit back and let the proverbial “George” do it — but real causes are not birthed or carried out successfully by “George.” Real efforts require that we, as individual citizens, take action. The action is simple, let them know that you are watching and ready to exercise your vote in next year’s election.