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Word Butter: No Resolutions here - just resolution to do better

People amaze me. I mean, seriously.

In the past week, I’ve read stories about people lighting things on fire because they don’t like the president that we, the people, chose. It’s estimated that nearly 5 million people gathered in the streets around the world to protest the inauguration of our 45thpresident. Snowflaky people all over the country cried and kicked their heels up because Trump is president.

Deal with it, people. You can’t have your way all the time, and pouting isn’t going to help, nor will it change anything.

On the flip side, I was amazed at the response following the tornadoes in South Georgia.  So many people were left devastated by the storm, which left heartache and destruction in its wake.

In the days that followed the storm, relief efforts kicked into high gear. People opened their homes, their hearts and, perhaps most importantly, their wallets. Supplies were donated, including everything from bottled water to food to clothing. Volunteers showed up to help with land clearing and debris removal. Volunteers came to cook, make equipment repairs and man shelters for those who no longer had any shelter.

In addition, there were “Pray for South Georgia” memes all over social media. Searches for hashtags such as #PrayforSouthGeorgia, #Albany and #AlbanyTornado produced comment after comment not only about the storm and the damage left behind, but also messages of encouragement and hope.

And thus, my faith in mankind was restored.

It’s easy to forget about what really matters when you’re blinded by hatred or whatever it is that makes someone set a limousine on fire.

But when you stand amidst debris that was once your home, or your neighbor’s, things quickly come into perspective. Which person it was that just put his hand on the Good Book and said an oath isn’t quite as important as where your next meal is coming from, or where you’re going to lay your head to sleep that night. Rioting and calling people names on social media suddenly seems, well, stupid.

Screaming and crying are powerful emotions. Everyone is affected, whether you’re the one doing the screaming and crying, or simply standing by, watching.  It’s all about perspective.

So let’s all gain a little.