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YouTube sensation proves talent often lies within
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I think we can all learn a lesson from Susan Boyle.

Just in case the name doesn’t ring a bell Susan Boyle is the Scottish woman who wowed the world when she appeared on a United Kingdom show, “Britain’s Got Talent.” If you haven’t seen the video clip, in which the middle aged woman, who wasn’t exactly dressed for success and looked so plain the audience as well as the judges just didn’t take her seriously, rolling their eyes and laughing when she proudly proclaimed I want to be a professional singer. When Susan Boyle opened her mouth and the first few notes of “I Dream A Dream” from “Les Miserables” were sang, doubters went wild, giving her a standing ovation several times during her performance.

You see, Boyle wasn’t taken serious because of the way she looked. She didn’t fit the mold of what a talented person should look like. I have watched this clip dozens of times on YouTube, where it has logged over 20 million hits worldwide. I still get misty eyed as I watch this woman, who according to media reports has been ridiculed all her life for not being glamorous and something of an oddball.

If there is one thing I have learned watching this 7-minute video is there are plenty of Susan Boyles around us, and they just don’t occupy a female body. They come in all shapes and sizes, they’re black or white. Some are quick on their feet, while there are those who need their fingers to count above 10.

Susan Boyle taught the world you just can’t judge a book by its cover, and that’s what has made this unlikely superstar of a woman transform from an ugly duckling into a swan by showing the world beauty lies skin deep.

I have learned from this woman — whom I never met and more than likely never will — humility, that, if given a chance, everyone can be a winner, or at least finish the race in a decent time.

Giving someone a chance whether they are a child or coworker can be the most rewarding gift you can give that person.

Watch the clip. It’s free and the message you walk away with will stay with you a lifetime.

After all, the covers on some of our most treasured classics bear less then stellar covers, it what was inside which made the difference.