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New GSU videoboard ready for its debut
Georgia Southern Universitys new videoboard has more than 850 square feet of display area for fans to see. - photo by Photo provided

Georgia Southern’s new videoboard and sound system at Allen E. Paulson Stadium was installed nearly one year exactly to the date of the demolition of the old scoreboard.

Here is a look at the new videoboard by the numbers:

6 - The new videoboard requires six video computers to operate. The videoboard can display replay video, promotions, sponsorships, graphics and statistics, crowd chants or live views of Paulson Stadium’s cameras across the entire display or in smaller windows.

40 - Forty new speakers have been installed as part of the new sound system at Paulson Stadium. That total includes 12 low-frequency speakers, 20 mid-frequency speakers and eight high-frequency speakers, with each producing a part of the audible range.

592 - Nearly 600 modules, at 14.4 x 14.4 inches each, comprise Georgia Southern’s new videoboard located on the new Football Operations Center.

852 - The new videoboard has 852 square feet of active display area. The previous dot matrix board, the first “EagleVision” at Paulson Stadium, installed in 2003, was 15’5” wide and 11’10” high, with 180 square feet of display area.

888 - Georgia Southern’s video display board has a 15HD pixel layout, meaning every line and column of LEDs are spaced exactly 15 millimeters apart. There are 888 LEDs per module for approximately 525,000 individual LEDs.

1,176 - Total number of labor hours needed to manufacture and install Georgia Southern’s new videoboard. Once the design and specifications were approved, 176 hours, or just over a month, was required to manufacture the displays. Once the videoboard arrived in Statesboro, 400 hours were allotted for installation. An estimated 400 hours will be needed to set all electrical functions and the Daktronics tech will spend 200 hours getting the videoboard prepared for use with some activity taking place concurrently.

1,424 – The Daktronics videoboard and sound system pieces were transported 1,424 miles from the company headquarters in Brookings, S.D.

The dark blue metal structural enclosure was constructed in Greenville, S.C., by Masstar Signs and was installed in 45 sections.
4,000 - The new speaker system mounted in the stadium weighs two tons with a cabinet that measures six feet high, 3.6 feet deep and 22 feet long, about the same length as a Ford F-350 pickup truck.

100,000 - Lifespan in hours of the LED lights on videoboard, roughly 10 years, if the videoboard was never turned off. Three 20 amp circuits are required to power the new videoboard and sound system.

234,215 - Total number of pixels on the new videoboard. A pixel is the smallest point on a display or screen arranged in rows and columns to create a video image. Each pixel is assigned color information in the form of a series of numbers with a pixel being one of 16.8 million combinations of red, green or blue.