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Effingham students earn deans list honors at Georgia Southern
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STATESBORO — Georgia Southern University recently named 2,725 students for excellence in academics to the 2014 fall semester dean’s list.

To be eligible for the dean’s list, a student must have at least a 3.5 grade point average and carry a minimum of 12 hours for the semester.

Local students making the dean’s list were:

Autumn Auman of Rincon

Maggie Aurelio of Rincon

William Autry Jr. of Bloomingdale

Kyndell Bevis of Rincon

Mark Blankenship of Rincon

Caroline Brennan of Rincon

Kayla Bridges of Rincon

Carrie Briscoe of Bloomingdale

Ian Byrd of Guyton

Salena Calhoun of Guyton

Haley Clark of Bloomingdale

Anita Cochran of Newington

David Collins of Rincon

Johnathan Collins of Guyton

Emily Cope of Rincon

Jackson Corbin of Springfield

Rochelle Cote of Newington

Kelsey Crosby of Guyton

Katherine Daniel of Rincon

Kristen Daniel of Rincon

Kara Davis of Bloomingdale

Taylor Downs of Rincon

Payton Duke of Springfield

Allison Dyches of Springfield

Devin Eddy of Rincon

Savannah Epperley of Springfield

Alyssa Folker of Guyton

Joshua Gaspard of Rincon

Cody Gault of Rincon

Christopher Geary of Guyton

Lonna Glisson of Guyton

Spencer Harvey of Guyton

Bethany Hayes of Rincon

Lansford Hensley of Guyton

Austin Hensley of Guyton

Haley Hill of Guyton

Matthew Howell of Bloomingdale

Teresa Jackson of Guyton

Abigail Johnson of Rincon

Kristen Johnson of Rincon

Shelby Jones of Springfield

Eugene Jones Jr. of Guyton

Danielle Joyner of Guyton

Lauren Klauss of Guyton

Lauren Lashlee of Guyton

Anja Lesaja of Rincon

Keith Liverman Jr. of Rincon

Robert Lucas of Newington

Toneshia Mack of Newington

Michael Malmberg of Rincon

Jennifer Markham of Guyton

Tori May of Guyton

Victoria McCumbers of Rincon

Carolyn Miller of Guyton

Kalyn Morris of Guyton

Julie Oetgen of Bloomingdale

Kelsey Olliff of Rincon

Bertina Overstreet of Clyo

Charles Patterson III of Rincon

Jacob Pevey of Springfield

Danielle Pippin of Guyton

Normary Rivera-Colon of Springfield

Kellie Robertson of Rincon

Katherine Rud of Bloomingdale

Brittany Saltonstall of Guyton

Kimberly Sheehan of Rincon

Christina Shores of Guyton

Ansley Simpson of Rincon

Zoe Slater of Rincon

Whitney Smith of Bloomingdale

Caroline Spivey of Guyton

Ryan Taylor of Rincon

Amber Tinney of Rincon

Brian Waters of Guyton

Arick Whiddon of Springfield

Rachel Williams of Rincon

Kailey Wobrock of Guyton

Caitlin Woodie of Rincon