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Living and learning in the global village
1217 ECMS at International Festival
Effingham County Middle School students who participated in a Global Village Competition at Georgia Southern University included, left to right, Skylar Kennett, Ellen Hunter, Amber Smith, Samantha Evans, Payton Sikes, Christina Mackiewicz, Andrew Gonzales and Sabrina Ridgley-Thornton. - photo by Photo provided

Effingham County Middle School students from Amber Healy’s sixth-grade world geography class participated recently in a Global Village Competition at Georgia Southern University, as part of the International Festival held by GSU’s Center for International Studies.

Healy’s students were tasked with representing Brazil through various projects and activities. Students spent weeks decorating posters, tri-boards, and designing a mini-booth about the country they were assigned. They even got to cook and try out authentic foods from the assigned country.

ECMS participants worked on a Friday and Saturday, sharing all the information they learned about the country of Brazil. While at the competition, they were able to explore other booths and learn more about countries from around the world. Healy said the students’ favorite part was the cultural food court, where they were able to eat authentic foods from many countries.

The ECMS students who participated were: Ellen Hunter, Sabrina Thornton, Azahria Robinson, Destiny Rahn, Owen Beaver, Tommy Beaver, Payton Sikes, Skylar Kennett, Andrew Gonzales, Isabella Leverett, Brandon Stevens, Christina Markiewicz, Samantha Evans, Shanasy Kicklighter and Amber Smith.