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Middle School redistricting recommendation
Middle School Map for Consideration final
This map shows the areas effected by the redistricting recommendation. - photo by Photo provided


The Effingham County Board of Education is currently reviewing a recommendation to change the middle school district lines in order to shift approximately 168 students from Ebenezer Middle School (EMS) to Effingham County Middle School (ECMS) and approximately 36 students from Ebenezer Middle School (EMS) to South Effingham Middle School (SEMS).  The recommendation is being made in an effort to even out the three middle school’s enrollments to make room for growth at all three schools. 

While SEMS and ECMS can both hold 1,200 students, EMS has room for 1,120.  With a current enrollment of 1,052 students, EMS has seen the fastest growth the past three years and is at capacity in terms of classrooms being used.  

The proposal recommends moving approximately 36 students in the south corner of the current EMS district to SEMS.  These are and will be students who attend South Effingham Elementary and will eventually attend SEHS.     

The additional 168 students that are being recommended to move to ECMS from EMS reside in the area of the current EMS district west of the CSX railroad tracks from Willowpeg Creek to the Stillwell railroad crossing and then northwest to the intersection of Turkey Branch and Ebenezer Creek.  (This would include students who live on Berry Rahn Road, Mock Road and in the Eagle Point subdivision on Mock Road.) 

The proposed, new middle school districts would result in the following approximate enrollments:  

848 students at EMS (allowing for growth of an additional 272 students)

883 students at ECMS (allowing for growth of an additional 317 students)

951 students at SEMS (allowing for growth of an additional 249 students) 

The school board will be taking public comment on the proposal at its next meeting, which is Feb. 2 at 2 p.m. at the board office, and also at the Feb. 17th board meeting, which will be held at Effingham County Middle School at 7 p.m. 

The superintendent’s recommendation includes moving 36 students from section A (currently in the EMS district) to South Effingham Middle School and 168 students from sections B and C (currently in the EMS district) to Effingham County Middle School.