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School board recognizes Superintendent’s Advisory Council
Students offer feedback on school improvements, teachers, and Pathways programs
Senior members of the 2024 Superintendent's Advisory Council
Senior members of the Superintendent’s Advisory Council received light blue stoles to wear with their graduation gowns. Pictured are (from left): Timothy Hood, Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services; Trenton Bracken (ECHS), Jayden Evans and Felipe Herrera (ECCA); Tessa Conner and Christeon Lewis (SEHS); Superintendent Dr. Yancy Ford, Dr. Travis Nesmith, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Technology; and Dr. Kirbi Ratner, executive director of human resources. (Photo by Barbara Augsdorfer/Effingham Herald.)

By Barbara Augsdorfer, Editor for the Effingham Herald
At the May 1 meeting of the Effingham County School Board, high school members of the Superintendent’s Advisory Council gave honest feedback about pathways, teachers, and other items they observed in their respective schools.
“One of the things that we really enjoy doing is getting feedback from our students. We started this process last year and then we were able to work with them again this year,” Superintendent Dr. Yancy Ford said.

Supt. Student Advisory Council (tier 2)
Members of the Tier 2 (high school) Superintendent’s Advisory Council for 2023-2024 received their certificates at the May 1 school board meeting.
“If you recall last year they came together and they came up with a few items at their particular school that they would like to change,” Dr, Ford continued. “In the case of last year, it was the restrooms they wanted to be revamped.”
The students gave their thoughts on what makes a great teacher – such as empathy, compassion, igniting a passion for learning in the student, and being flexible.
And then there was the other side – qualities of a teacher “who needs improvement,” said Dr. Ford.
Students offered what they consider “bad” qualities such as, “if they treat you as if you’re five years old,” and “they don’t really enjoy teaching and they don’t want to be there,” and also a teacher who has “bad attendance.”
Extracurricular activities – everything from sports, to FFA, drama, and band – the students all agreed that those helped them make relationships with peers and adults, get comfortable with public speaking, time management, and more.
Nathan Hayes
Also a member of the Superintendent’s Advisory Council but was unable to attend the beginning of the meeting, is Nathan Hayes (ECHS). He came to the meeting later to receive his certificate and stole.

Students also highlighted their experiences with the Pathways programs – especially for students who may start high school undecided toward a career goal, try a certain pathway, and decide it’s not for them, all well before starting college. Then they have time to explore another pathway.
The seniors were presented with light blue stoles to wear with their graduation gowns signifying their involvement with the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council for 2023-2024.