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Ag department releases summer produce forecast
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Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irvin is reminding consumers that summer produce season is in full swing in Georgia.

“Many of our signature crops are now in season, and they are widely available at farmers markets, direct from the farm, or in grocery stores,” Irvin said.

Some of Irvin’s comments about popular Georgia crops:

Peaches — “Georgia peaches are ready to be made into hot cobblers or cool smoothies or to be eaten fresh — the way I like best — with the juice dripping down my chin. I don’t care if it’s yellow or white, cling or freestone, as long as it’s from Georgia.”

Cantaloupes — “Cantaloupes are sweet, refreshing and versatile. I like eating one for breakfast along with my grits and eggs.”

Tomatoes — “Georgia grown tomatoes have been declared safe by the Food and Drug Administration, and I am declaring that they are delicious on sandwiches or as a side dish. I also like to fry them when green.”

Blueberries — “Blueberries are a healthy summertime snack and are great on cereal or in fruit salads. Pies, muffins and cobblers are just a few of the delicious dishes that can be made with fresh Georgia blueberries. And blueberries can be frozen for use later.”

Watermelons — “I’d celebrate Independence Day without fireworks before I’d skip my Fourth of July Georgia watermelon.”  

Vidalia onions — “Others claim to be similar, but the sweet Vidalia onion people all over the world have come to love is only from Georgia.”    

Some of the other Georgia produce in season this summer includes:
Sweet corn
Lima beans
Pole beans
Field peas

“I always tell people if they want the freshest fruits and vegetables to look for those grown right here in Georgia,” said Irvin.