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Home Improvement Weekend No. 2 to be held at Grace Community Church from June 22-23
05.27 home improve
Mike Gianeskis and Wesley Corbitt - photo by Photo submitted

The first “Home Improvement Weekend” was was a huge success.

March 23-24 Pastors Wesley Corbitt and Mike Gianeskis of Grace Community Church were hosts to couples seeking fresh information to help them deal with the stresses of today’s family life, and none were disappointed. The discussions touched on several subjects.

Friday evening opened with a session on “Understanding Your Mate” and dealt with some of the spiritual and emotional differences between males and females. That session was followed by some sound suggestions for “Praying Together” as a couple or family.

Saturday morning began with instructions for “Building a Godly Heritage” and understanding what parents’ biblical goals and objectives should be for their children, including some “Strategies for the Teen Years.”

The weekend closed with a talk on the dynamics of “Blended Families” by Jo Crosby, a marriage and family counselor with the Barnabus Center in Savannah.

The teachings of this first weekend provided much ‘user-friendly’ information, but more importantly, the weekend laid the foundation for more detailed workshops during future “Home Improvement Weekends.”

It is the plan of the pastors at Grace to hold the weekends quarterly, and the second Home Improvement Weekend is scheduled for June 22-23.  

For more information call Grace Community Church 826-4204, or check the Web site for more details as the weekend draws near.