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Il Pasticcio proud to welcome Dead Men
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Savannah — Il Pasticcio and Without A Cue Productions, LLC are proud to present  “Dead Men Don’t Speakeasy.” The show has toured successfully in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Delaware.

The show is scheduled to run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening through Feb. 28.

It’s the Roaring ’20s, and you have been invited to the hottest nightclub in town. It’s also a big night at the Rotten Club, and everyone is up to no good.

Early Demise, the club owner, is on edge because Mr. Big has come to check out the joint, and make sure Early is making his backers money. Early’s headliner — and sometimes girlfriend, Bette —  is scheduled to sing, but Bette is too busy making eyes at the guests to perform. To make matters worse, Early’s wife has decided that tonight is the night to end Early’s extracurricular activities.

And Early’s staff isn’t much better — his emcee is up to his eyes in debt, the hat check girl is willing to kill to be the next headliner and Hans Zoff, his faithful Maitre d’, is hiding a mysterious past.

As the guests fight for first place in the Charleston competition, the first shot of the night rings out.

Of course, in the Rotten, everyone has a gun, and it’ll take a master detective to find the killer in this speakeasy.  

Without A Cue Murder Mysteries, a Philadelphia-based touring theater company, is proud to present “Dead Men Don’t Speakeasy.” Audience members get a chance to dance the Charleston, guess at who-dunnit, and maybe even play a role!

Dinner, show, tax and gratuity are included in the $60 price. Seating  begins at 7 p.m. Call (912) 231-8888 for reservations.