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Red Barn Run brings international horses, riders to Georgia
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Hundreds of horses and riders from around the world will descend upon Chester or a 100-mile endurance race this weekend. Among the attendees of the Red Barn Three Day Endurance Rides will be Deputy Commissioner of Agriculture Terry Coleman.

The Red Barn Run is a three-day horse endurance race featuring horses and riders from around the globe. At least 200 horses ranging from Western Quarter to Arabian breeds will compete in the 100-mile race.

Approximately 300 riders and crew members from around the world will also be in attendance.

Sponsors for the race include the Arabian Horse Association and the American Endurance Riders Association. The Horse Creek Winery also is helping to sponsor Georgia agricultural products at the event.

The race will be hosted by the Perry family in Chester from March 26-28. Spectators are welcome to come see the horses as well as view various Georgia agricultural products.

The starting point of the race is located at 535 Chester Dexter Highway one mile outside of Chester going toward Dublin. Each 100-mile race will be held in a 24-hour period starting at 6 a.m.

“I encourage everyone to attend the race,” said Coleman. “It’s a place to see some fine horses and also to sample some Georgia grown products.”