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Looking at Springfield houses constructed in the 1800s
Dr. W. Howell Wilson’s house remains on original spot and became home of the H. N. Ramsey Sr. family - photo by Photo submitted

The sketch and information about Springfield over the past two weeks shed new light on the town around 1850.

There are two residences from that time period still standing in Springfield in adjacent blocks on Oak Street.

The Parkview Hotel originally stood on Lot 4 in the vicinity of the current Effingham Museum in the Old Jail at 1002 North Pine Street. It was at one time the home of John Phillip Jones who married Elizabeth Waller.

After serving as a hotel and home on the original site, it was relocated to what is now 701 North Oak St.
In 1909 it became the Parkview Hotel under the ownership and management of Mrs. Walton M. Seckinger (Lena May Wilder Seckinger later became Mrs. Hardee McLeod). Many hotel guests included Brinson Railroad employees and officials.

It served as a boarding/apartment house later under ownership of Mrs. Theresia “Tressie” (Seckinger) Upchurch (daughter of Mrs. Lena Seckinger McLeod).

The home became the private residence of Bernard and Ethelyn (Scott) Mock in 1951. It is presently owned by their daughter and grandson.

The 1800s home at what is now 601 North Oak St. was the residence of Dr. W. Howell Wilson, son of Dr. William Wilson who lived in the area of the “convict camp” according to the information from Walter A. Gnann.

This house later became the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Ramsey Sr. It has undergone remodeling through the years. Their daughter Carolyn still owns the home.

Springfield is indeed home to some historic property and it is great that the city is trying to establish a historic district.

This article written and compiled by Susan Exley of Historic Effingham Society with photographs from the files of Effingham Museum. If you have comments, information or photos to share please call her at 754-6681 or email: