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Looking back at 1935 businesses in Effingham
Chest rub ad
An advertisement for a chest rub from the Springfield Herald, circa 1935. - photo by Photo provided

The Springfield Herald ran the following business reviews during 1935:

Powers Drug Company

There is probably not another business that is more essential to any community than the modern drug store and in this respect let us introduce the Powers Drug Company in Guyton.  Many of our readers are already friends and patrons of this establishment for they have been serving Guyton and Effingham County for the past five years.

Powers Drug Company was established some five years ago by the late Dr. Bruce P. Powers, who made unusual strides in the drug business because of his friendly attitude toward patrons, and his desire to serve everyone to the best of his ability. Today his son, Leander Powers is managing the business in the same fine manner. The store is excellently stocked with a variety of articles including pure drugs, remedies, stationery, cigars, cigarettes, pipes and many other articles too numerous to mention.  It might be added that if it comes under the heading “DRUGS” you can get it at Powers Drug Store.

Dr. Leander Powers and his assistant W. R. Webb are both registered pharmacists and they offer an excellent prescription service.  They enjoy the confidence and good will of their many patrons by their ability to fill and compound prescriptions accurately and with the purest ingredients. They take unusual pride in this end of the business and have had years of experience at it.

It gives us pleasure to call your attention to the excellent services offered by the Powers Drug Company.  They welcome an opportunity to serve readers of this issue, and invite you to stop in their store the next time you are in Guyton.

Estate of A. J. Futrelle

For more than fifty-five years the name “Futrelle” has been synonymously associated with quality merchandise and fair treatment of customers. The business was established some fifty-five years ago by A. J. Futrelle, a progressive businessman who was known all over this part of the state. At the time of his death in 1920 the business was left to the estate and is now owned and operated by Mr. F. J. and Miss C. Futrelle, honest and reliable business people, who are carrying on under the same principles upon which the business was founded. During the many years that they have been in business they have enjoyed a well deserved success.

In this entire part of the state there is not another establishment that surpasses this one in the point of diversity of articles carried in stock. They offer a complete line of groceries, meats, country produce, dry goods, feeds, hay, grain, cuffins (spelled as in article), caskets, shoes, clothing, hats, hardware, and many other lines too numerous to mention. In every part of the store you will find nationally known merchandise which assures the purchaser of quality for they have never permitted anyone to offer higher quality or greater value, and it has been this policy that has resulted in the fine patronage that they enjoy.

No other concern in this part of the state has given the continuous service that this one has. It is the oldest establishment in Effingham County and the fact that they have remained in business for the past fifty-five years is an evidence of the confidence patrons have in the store.

Fisher’s Garage

Fischer’s Garage located in Rincon is a well established business place of the county and it has an enviable reputation of more than sixteen years of satisfactory service in the same location. It is owned and operated by H. M. Fischer, a progressive and reliable businessman who has enjoyed a good patronage because of his courteous and accommodating treatment of customers. He operates a modern and up-to-date garage and features excellent repairing on all makes and models of cars. Mr. Fischer has had years of experience in the business and many motorists depend upon his garage to keep their cars in tip-top shape at all times. He handles the complete line of Standard Oil Company products (including gasoline and oil) and Vulco tires and tubes and accessories.

In connection with the garage he carries a complete stock of groceries of the highest quality that are sold at the lowest cost. With every recent purchase Rogers Profit Sharing Coupons are given with which beautiful pieces of silverware can be secured. Many people are taking advantage of this offer and you too will find it worthwhile to start purchasing your supplies here in order to get Rogers silverware FREE.

An item that should prove of particular interest to our readers is the fact that Mr. Fischer is accepting anything merchantable as cash on past due accounts and market prices will be given.  As Mr. Fischer explained to the writer, he said, “It doesn’t make any difference whether it is a mule or a bag of corn, if it’s of value, you can pay your back bill with it.”

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