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Looking back at forgotten post offices
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An older map of Effingham County shows many old settlements.

Rural mail carriers serve our post offices today but long ago post offices were located in stores at crossroads.  Those post office reports, though very fragmented, offer the following information. Sometimes mail was delivered and sent by a circuit rider on horseback or by train if the store/station was on the railroad.

Berryville lists James F. Berry as postmaster in October in 1892 and C. F. Berry in 1895.

Bevill opened in 1897 with Andres J. Bevill as postmaster, discontinued and moved to Oliver in 1902.

Blandford (Ninth Street/Blue Jay Road outside of Rincon at Railroad) opened in 1909 with Lavan D. Kessler as postmaster, succeeded by Laura A. Nease in 1910 and discontinued in 1911.

Robert A. Marlow was postmaster at Clifton in 1856-1858.

George P. Strange ran the office at Dupont (accompanying map shows Lupont, perhaps an error) in 1897, succeeded by Jerome F. Graham and joined to Egypt in 1905.

Called Ebenezer but actually at Bird’s Crossing, where the railroad crosses Highway 275, this post office was run by Henry W. Butler from 1896-1910.

John J. Exley was postmaster at Exley (Off Goshen Road) from 1895-1907 when mail was sent to Rincon.

Haddonville had a post office under William A. Rouse from 1904-06, when it was moved to Clyo.

Kildare opened in 1910 with Christian L. Bevill, succeeded by Charles A. Hodge in 1911 and moved to Oliver in 1919.

Robert M. Powell was in charge at Morel in 1888.  He was succeeded by George H. Morgan in 1889, Gus K. Morgan in 1893 and Emerson Morgan in 1894.

Oaky had Stephen A. Wilson in 1889 and Jerome G. Graham in 1897.

Ogeechee shows only one date and one postmaster – Clem Powers in 1853.

Pax (Turkey Branch Road near Springfield) was run by Jacob M. Gnann in 1900 and mail was then sent to Guyton in 1904.

Pleasant P. Bevill was operating the post office at Pleasant Grove in 1849.

Reform was opened in 1841 with James Rahn, Amos Rahn in 1842 and Thomas N. Elkins in 1846.  Joshua Seckinger operated it in 1849 and the post office closed in 1857.

Shawnee operated in 1910 and 1911 with Glen T. Graham and Joseph A. Graham.

Sisters Ferry in 1854 listed Augustus Mallory in charge as postmaster. It was discontinued in 1860 and reopened under David E. Reiser in 1880.

Tuckasee King lists James O. Goldwire in 1836, George W. Mason in 1839, and James Morgan in 1840. The post office was re-established in 1853 under David I. Archer and discontinued in 1857.

John Charlton is named at Willowby, discontinued in 1826 and mail then sent to Springfield.

This information came from the 75th Anniversary edition of The Springfield Herald.

This was compiled by Susan Exley of Historic Effingham Society. If you have photos, comments or information to share, contact Susan Exley at 754-6681 or email her at: