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Perusing Effinghams businesses, 1935-36
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The May 15, 1935, issue of the Springfield Herald announced the opening on May 16 of “Bob’s Tea Room,” a new and attractive business on Laurel Street in Springfield. As written by the Herald, “This attractive Tea-Room is an invitation to the public, and Mr. Brogdon will give his patrons first class service, in eats, drinks and courtesy.” According to my Great Aunt May Carter Exley, who worked there for a short time, “in the later days of this business they provided curb service.” The business was located in the building that now houses Blocker’s Take Outs. It had a dining room indoors run by Mrs. Brogdon and was located adjacent to a gas station and store owned by Mr. Brogdon.

The Springfield Herald dated Nov. 1, 1935, had a page titled “Progressive Enterprises Serving Effingham”. The following revues were in the issue:

Bob’s Place

Bob’s Place located in Springfield is a popular business establishment that has made unusual strides because of their friendly attitude towards patrons. It is owned and operated by Robert Brogdon, who is assisted by Mrs. Robert Brogdon, popular and progressive local people who lend every effort to please their customers. Although they started in business just about two years ago they have enjoyed a good one and have gained confidence and good will of the people of this community.

They handle a varied line of fine merchandise, including groceries, fruits, gun shells, fish and oysters of a weekend, and serve light lunches and sandwiches of all kinds.  Cold drinks are sold and Bob’s Place is the only place in town where you can get a good cold bottle of BEER. At the filling station he handles Standard Gasoline and Esso lube motor oil and Atlas tires.

If you are not already a  regular patron of Bob’s Place and many of you, probably already are, why not stop anytime for gasoline, a cold bottle of beer, a sandwich or one of the many other things sold and you, too, will be pleased with the courteous service and friendly treatment that you will receive.  We are pleased in this issue to compliment Mr. Robert Brogdon, better known to everyone as Bob and wish him continued success.

Sweat’s Pharmacy

Known everywhere as among the most progressive and reliable stores of Effingham County is Sweat’s Pharmacy located in Guyton. Through the twenty-five years that the store has been in existence they have gained an enviable reputation by featuring goods of high quality, commendable methods and reliable prescription service. The pharmacy carries one of the finest stocks of drugs, remedies, perfumes, toilet articles, and stationery in this entire section and is annually “Drug Headquarters” for hundreds of people.

Sweat’s pharmacy was established some twenty-five years ago by the late W. C. Sweat, Sr., who operated it up until the time of his death, a little more than a year ago. Mr. Sweat was well and favorably known all over this part of the state. He progressed from a modest beginning until today the drug store is one of the finest and most modern in this section of the country. In 1919, his son, W. C. Sweat, Jr., became associated with the store and is now carrying on the business in the same fine manner that has always characterized it.

From the beginning the prescription policy of Sweat’s Pharmacy has never been altered: First, Never to use in potent medicines any drugs other than those procured by the leading pharmaceutical houses of the country. Second: Never to substitute in any case.
W. C. Sweat, Sr. and W. C. Sweat, Jr., both believed that a reliable service plus quality drugs would be the best foundation for their prescription business. That this policy has succeeded is evidenced by the fact that Sweat’s Pharmacy has a reputation among the leading physicians for unquestioned reliability.

G. C. Exley

G. C. Exley operates a large general store at Pineora and although he established his store just a little more than two years ago he has enjoyed an excellent business. Mr. Exley is by no means a newcomer to Effingham County, as he was for many years connected with the lumber business in this section. He is well and favorably known all over this section and provides his patrons with a well stocked store. Here will be found a fine line of groceries, dry goods, hardware, meats, country produce and many other articles too numerous to mention. His store is extremely popular with the people in and around Pineora for they have found Mr. Exley to be courteous and accommodating and friendly in his treatment of customers.

At Rincon, Mr. Exley owns Exley’s Service Station, where gasoline and oil and groceries are sold.  This place has become a popular trading center all over that part of the county and a good business is had at all times.  On your next trip through Rincon, stop in at Exley’s Service Station and we can assure you that you will find it a pleasure to trade here. 
In making this review of Effingham County, it is a pleasure to call to your attention the business places operated by Mr. G. C. Exley and to compliment him as a progressive businessman who is making every effort to serve and please his patrons.
This was written and compiled by Susan Exley of Historic Effingham Society. If you have photos, comments or information to share, contact Susan Exley at -754-6681 or email her at: