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Remembering Indigo School
Ech 10-25-17 Indigo School
School Days at Indigo School just prior to 1900 Left to right: Chris F. Reiser, W. Cooper Rahn, William B. Reiser, Georgia M. Reiser (Seckinger), Sara J. Janie Reiser (Berry), Walter A. Reiser. Standing left to right: Prinicipal Jessie W. Finklea, Bee R. Helmly, Berta I. Reiser (Zoller), Nellie C. Reiser (Helmly) and Hattie Dasher.

cated near what is known as Indigo Swamp near Berryville which was between Stillwell and Clyo. The Reiser children walked on a path across Marshall Edwards’ farm. My Grandmother Annie Mae Reiser (Exley) said they had to cross the swampy wet area on foot logs and that scared her.
In 1889, Mr. Alvin Gnann was the teacher at Indigo at 23 years of age. He was paid $30 for the term of four months. Farm labor at that time was 50 cents a day. Thirty students came to register from three to four miles around. The patrons paid tuition for their children. No transportation was provided. Students had to provide all of the books, slates, pencils, chalk and copy books. The children walked to school and many were barefooted. One teacher taught all grades that were offered at the time. The Seaboard Railroad was located near the school. All class work ceased until the train had passed.
As you can see in the photograph this was a very crude one room wooden board building with an outhouse toilet. Effingham County schools have certainly come a long way!

This was written by Susan Exley from Historic Effingham Society. If you have photos or historical information to share contact her at 912-754-6681 or email