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Revisiting the HAVEALOOK Garden
Hartridge Shearouse in front of roses
Hartridge Shearouse with roses in background. - photo by Photo provided

The late Julian Shearouse and his wife Emmie (Berry) Shearouse lived at 305 North Oak Street in Springfield. Julian was long time clerk of courts of Effingham County.

During the 1950s and early 1960s they cultivated roses and had a beautiful rose garden known as "HAVEALOOK Garden" on the lot south of their home. People admired the blooms and many people visited especially on Sunday afternoons. Mrs. Emmie made corsages for the prom for many of the local girls. They had five children: Emory, Hartridge, Frances, Chapman and Winifred. Frances is the only one still living.

Emory was a local banker and was married to Dorothy (Hughes) Shearouse, long-time organist of the Springfield United Methodist Church and music teacher. They have two children. Son Harry, a local banker who just retired, married Phyllis Morgan and they have two daughters. Daugher Barbara "Babs" married Daryl Neidlinger and they reside in the Atlanta area and have three children.

Hartridge, an attorney, was married to Mary Will (Lanier) Shearouse, a local school teacher. They have one son, Steve Shearouse. He and wife Hope (Dasher) Shearouse are currently missionaries in Mexico with Mission on the Move. They have two daughters.

Chapman Shearouse married Mildred Hughes and they lived in Springfield. He died at an early age and they had three children.

Frances (Shearouse) Fielding, married and left the area. She has one daughter.

Winifred Shearouse married Joe Jaudon, a local house painter. Winifred was a first grade teacher at Springfield Elementary School for many years and taught hundreds of children. They had no children and lived in her parents’ home after her parents passed away.

For a long while, she kept the rose garden. At some point the rose garden was done away with and she built a small, modern, brick home there in the garden spot, south of the original Shearouse residence, where she lived as a widow for the rest of her days.

"HAVEALOOK Garden" brought joy to the Shearouse family and our local community.


This was written by Susan Exley of Historic Effingham Society. If you have photos, comments or information to share, contact Susan Exley at754-6681 or email her at: