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Uncovering more of the Rahn photos
Orville and Willie Rahn
Shelton W. Rahn and brother William Randolph “Willie” Rahn - photo by Photo provided

Thaddeus Madison Rahn married Sarah O. Dasher born Sept. 5, 1852. She died Aug. 26, 1891, and was the daughter of William Bird and Ann Eliza (Gnann) Dasher. Their children were: Orville Augustus, born 1870; Laura Ann, born 1872, married Ulrich Jerome Neidlinger; Edward A., born 1874, died age 2; Rollin M., born 1875, died age 2; Shelton Ward, born 1880, married Anna C. Nease; and William Randolph, born 1883, married Bessie Wilson. 

We have been unable to get copies of any photo of Sarah Dasher Rahn, who was born in 1852. These photographs shown are from the Daisy Rahn Collection at Effingham Museum with the exception of the Neidlinger photo, which was provided by Mrs. Edna N. Allen. You may contact Susan Exley to get copies. 

This was compiled by Susan Exley of Historic Effingham Society. If you have questions, comments or photos to share, please call her at 754-6681 or email: