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Visiting a 1900s Springfield home
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Above is a look from 1999 at the home of Cynthia Brogdon. The home was built in 1900. - photo by Photo provided

The home of Mrs. Cynthia Brogdon was the site for Christmas open house for Historic Effingham Society in 1999.

The retro photograph features the country manor house purchased by Cynthia Brogdon in 1997. She has done great restoration work and added much to landscaping through the years. I chose the photo from 1999 since it highlights the building style.

This home was built in 1900 in Springfield by Julian and Emmie (Berry) Shearouse. They reared their five children there: Hartridge, Winifred, Emory, Chapman and Frances. After her parents died, Winifred occupied the home with her husband Joe Jaudon. Mrs. Winifred was a first-grade teacher at Springfield Elementary and taught many young citizens. The last child of the Shearouse family, Frances, passed away a year or so ago.

The house is a craftsman-style home with many architectural features. It has a wraparound porch with tapered posts and balusters. Tall chimneys echo the plantation style of construction. The roof line is half-hipped or “clip gabled” and is also referred to as a “jerkin head roof.” Federal trim adorns the cornice.

The front entry doors are of Victorian influence with transoms above them. The floor-length windows and wide hallways were designed for natural air circulation in the days before air conditioning was a part of life.

The house was once surrounded by a beautiful rose and camellia garden known as Havalook Garden. Mrs. Emmie supplied corsages for young ladies for their senior dances, etc., in the days before florists. Mrs. Winifred took many of her classes to the garden on field trips.

This house of 115 years has been preserved and still occupies its prominent place at 305 North Pine Street in Springfield.

This was written by Susan Exley of Historic Effingham Society. If you need further information, contact her at 754-6681 or