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Fire up the grill for barbecue cookoff
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The Effingham Barbecue Cookoff will be held Aug. 21 at Macomber Park in Rincon.
Entry forms must be submitted prior to Aug. 15. The competition is open and the public is invited. Team captains must be at least 18 years old.
A $35 entrance fee will be collected from all teams at check-in. 
Entrants may compete in all or part of the following categories: pork ribs, chicken (no Cornish hen) and pork butt. Each team will supply its own raw meat, ingredients, spices, cooker, utensils, tables, tents, chairs, fuel (wood or charcoal only) and any other non-prohibited item the team deems necessary. No marinading or pre-cooking is allowed.
Each team will be furnished with an information packet with judging procedures, sample score sheet and sample submission container. No markings or identification is allowed on submission containers. These will be anonymously tagged and recorded at the time of submission by a third party.
All teams must comply with safe food handling procedures and all applicable rules and regulations of the Effingham County Health Department, including but not limited to:
• Meat must be kept at 40 degrees F or less prior to cooking. Coolers with ice will suffice.
• After cooking, meat will be maintained at 140 degrees F or above and covered.
• Cleanliness of cooking area and personnel is required.
• No pets are allowed in or near the cooking or food service areas.
All teams are encouraged to decorate their areas with banners, streamers, flags, signs, etc., in an effort to boast their team and/or superiority in the finer arts of outdoor cooking.
Quantities of samples to be submitted will be determined based on the number of entrants and number of judges that will be needed. This will be announced on Aug. 15.
All submitted samples will be “meat only”, as it came directly off the cooker. Rubs and wet mops are welcome before and during cooking, but no spices, sauces, etc., are to be added after the cooking process is completed.
Each team is personally responsible for the policing and clean up of their areas. There will be trash pick-up during and after the event. Trash cans and bags will be provided.
Each team captain is responsible for the behavior of his/her team. Proper public decorum is required at all times.
Depending on the size of the turnout, teams may be required to move their vehicles out of the public areas.  
All teams will supply a fire extinguisher and have it readily handy at all times.
Submit completed forms to: 
Effingham Promotions
508 Lexington Ave
Rincon, Ga 31326
Or fax: 912-826-2738
Or e-mail:
All proceeds will benefit an Effingham County charity.