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Habitat calls on churches for Christ Build
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George Groce, left, and Morris Oglesby, right, are ready to brave any cold weather for Saturday’s Christ Build project at Ephesus Church on Goshen Road. - photo by Photo by Pat Donahue

The Effingham County Habitat for Humanity chapter is calling all churches to help build a home.

The Habitat’s Christ Build project is under way on the grounds of Ephesus Church on Goshen Road, and plans call for the walls to be raised this Saturday. About a half-dozen churches are signed to help with the project.

“Habitat has always tried to get our churches to look beyond denominational differences and look at what we have in common,” said George Groce, executive director of the Effingham Habitat for Humanity.

Each church will be assigned a wall to work on Saturday.

“We’ll stand all the walls up, square ‘em up, plumb ‘em and tie ‘em down,” Groce said.

Exterior doors and windows also will be installed, and pre-engineered trusses for the roof will be delivered. Putting up the walls and setting them shouldn’t take long, according to Morris Oglesby.

“It’ll take about an hour to put up by hand,” he said.

Habitat has chosen a family for the house, a single mother and daughter.

“They’re just a wonderful family,” Groce said.

The house will be moved to Guyton once it’s finished.

There’s no shortage of need for Habitat homes in the county, Groce and Oglesby said. But what they need are willing hands.

“We have the ReStore for materials,” Groce said. “We can provide volunteers. We need the churches to take the lead.

Habitat for Humanity cannot solve this by ourselves. It’s a community issue. I’m excited and optimistic the churches will help us out.

“We’re still looking for church groups. It can be a men’s group or a women’s group. Just call us and let us know they are coming.”

Church groups are asked for a $500 donation to cover the cost of materials.

For more information on Christ Build and Habitat for Humanity, call 826-6433.