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Crazy about football crazy about Jesus
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Five-year-old little Johnny attended his first football game with his father.

Johnny was a typical fidgety kindergartener, so before the game, his dad told him how he needed to behave at the game. He said, “You need to stay seated, be quiet, and act like an adult.” When the home team kicked off, Johnny watched in amazement as people jumped up and down, screamed, and shook their fists in the air. Some even barked like dogs, even though it wasn’t a Bulldog game. He turned to his dad and asked, “Are these adults?”

If little Johnny saw me at a high school football game, or if he saw me watching football on TV, he might wonder if I’m an adult, too. When the Rebels or Eagles or Saints score a touchdown, I get into it, jumping and screaming, giving high-fives and hugging total strangers.

What I’ve been wondering lately is why don’t we Christians get as excited about worshiping Jesus Christ? We can scream at a football game, but we sit on our hands in worship. Who said worship was supposed to be solemn? When I think about what Jesus has done for me, I’m flooded with emotions. He took my sins upon Himself on the cross. He forgave me. He changed my heart. He gave me purpose in life.

Makes me want to do a back flip and set off an air horn in church.

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