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Why Bubba was on his knees in front of the choir
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The Bible teaches that in worship services, there is a proper place for a prayer, a song, or a sermon, but it should be done in an orderly way (1 Corinthians 14:26-33). Disorder can invite disaster. Just as Bubba.

“Bubba” (not his real name) loved to pray loud prayers at his church in north Georgia. Whenever he was called upon to pray, his voice rang out with authority and passion as he called upon the Lord.

However, Bubba also had a problem. If he turned his head a certain way, he went to sleep. Instantly.

One Sunday, Bubba was seated on the front pew of church, listening to the choir sing. The music was beautiful, but Bubba got his head in the wrong position, and out he went.

A mischievous youth seated behind Bubba decided to play a trick on him. He tapped Bubba on the shoulder, then he shook him, waking him enough to hear the words, “Bubba, they just called on you to pray.”

Without noticing that the choir was still singing, Bubba hit the floor on his knees, and began to cry out to the Lord. “Oh, Lord, we come before you this morning...” The poor choir had to stop singing so Bubba could pray.

If we are honest with ourselves, we all have had times when we were in the wrong frame of mind during worship. Maybe you’ve been singing “Oh Happy Day” while paying no attention to the frown on your face. Or perhaps your mind wandered to the heroes of the ball field while the pastor was preaching on the heroes of the Bible. When it hits you that your mind is not in sync with the worship around you, why not refocus on God. And be glad that at least you’re not Bubba on his knees in front of a silent choir.

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