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10 greatest moments in Mario history in honor of Mar10 day
For many, March 10 is another regular day, but for those who enjoy all things Nintendo, March 10 has become well-known as Mario Day simply because the abbreviation of March and 10 (Mar10) combined resembles Mario. - photo by Sarah Sanders Petersen
For many, March 10 is just another day, but for Nintendo aficionados, March 10 has become known as Mario Day because the abbreviation for March combined with 10 (Mar10) resembles "Mario."

Ever since "Donkey Kong" came on the scene in 1981, followed by "Mario" in 1983, many gamers have been drawn to the characters and worlds created by Shigeru Miyamoto. Over the years, Nintendo added to Mario's world, finding even more success. In February, Nintendo announced that since "Mario Party" was released on Nintendo 64 in 1999, more than 39.6 million copies have been sold worldwide.

Today, Mario and his fellow characters are iconic. In honor of Mar10 Day and the upcoming release of "Mario Party 10," Golin for Nintendo of America provided 10 of the greatest moments in "Mario" history:

  1. Exploring the castle for the first time in "Super Mario 64"
  2. Flying for the first time in "Super Mario Bros. 3"
  3. Finding the first hidden 1UP block in "Super Mario Bros."
  4. First time you jumped on the flagpole in "Super Mario Bros."
  5. Realizing you can pull Marios nose on the title screen of "Super Mario 64"
  6. Partying with Mario and his friends in "Mario Party"
  7. Seeing Mario rescued by Luigi in "Luigi's Mansion"
  8. Turning into a statue in "Super Mario Bros. 3"
  9. Finding the Warp Zone in "Super Mario Bros."
  10. Turning Mario into a paper airplane in "Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door"