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10 reasons why not everyone likes Mothers Day
Not all of us have happy feelings about Mothers Day. So lets just commiserate together for a bit. - photo by Mindy Raye Friedman
Mothers Day is here again. You can scarcely miss it with the way its advertised everywhere you look. But what if all those cards in the store and commercials on TV dont give you warm feelings but instead fill you with dread? Well, then youve come to the right place.

Mothers Day and I dont get along. From the years of longing to be a mother, going through infertility, and then losing my own mother shortly after finally becoming a mom myself, I have ample reason to dislike this holiday. And I know Im not alone. There are plenty of women who spend this day crying or wishing they could just block it out until its over.

You probably clicked on this article because you either share some of the same feelings, or you love Mothers Day and want to know why some people hate it. Either way, since Ive got you, lets talk about some of the reasons you (or someone you know) may not enjoy celebrating Mothers Day or may downright despise it.

  1. You may desperately want to be a mother but for one reason or another you dont have children.
  2. Maybe youve lost your own mother (or a grandmother), and you dont want to be reminded that you dont get to call, visit, or send a card
  3. Perhaps you have lost a child, and even if you have other children, Mothers Day is a painful reminder about the one who used to call you mom.
  4. It may be that you dont have a good relationship with your mother.
  5. You may be a single mother who knows youre not going to get any sort of break on Mothers Day anyway.
  6. Maybe you have a child or children who have gone astray, and you wont be getting a call, a visit, or a card.
  7. Perhaps you are a mother who feels like a failure and doesnt want anyone to celebrate you.
  8. You might be the kind of person who doesnt like being forced into showing affection just because a holiday tells you to.
  9. You may be a woman who has no desire to be a mother and this holiday is just another chance for everyone to bug you about it.
  10. Or maybe you are a perfectly happy mother, but you dont like the way that Mothers Day can be painful to others.
Im sure there are more, but thats hopefully enough reasons to help you realize that there are a lot of women out there with these feelings. And guess what? Theres nothing wrong with disliking Mothers Day. Im here to tell you that its fine to hate this holiday if you want to. But if theres something you want to do about those feelings, here are a couple of ideas.

Ignore it until it goes away

No matter what the world tries to tell you, you dont have to celebrate Mothers Day. If you dont want to be reminded then stay off the Internet; turn off your phone, your TV, and your radio; dont go visit anyone; or dont even leave your house if you dont want to. Its only one day and tomorrow it wont be Mothers Day anymore. Ok, it might last for a few days before and after, but you get the picture. Spend your time doing something you really want to do instead of being unhappy.

Forget about yourself and serve

Youve probably heard before that a great way to make yourself feel better is to look outside yourself and serve someone else. This Mothers Day, go find someone whose day you can brighten. For example, if you dont have a mother to visit, go visit a mother who doesnt get visitors. If you dont have children, go help a single mother so she can have a break. And the list could go on. Even if you dont want to think about Mothers Day at all, you can do service that is totally non-mom related. Its amazing how quickly you can forget about yourself when you focus on another.

Commiserate with others

Or if you dont want to forget your pain, you can do the complete opposite. You now know there are tons of other women (and men) who dont like Mothers Day. Get together and have a pity party. Talk about why you dont like it and listen to other peoples stories. Theres nothing wrong with sharing your feelings and commiserating together. Just make sure you dont throw your party in the middle of people who are trying to enjoy the holiday. They deserve to be happy too!

And for that person who loves Mother's Day

If you feel like celebrating, then please do. Call you mom, send her a card, let your kids pamper you and give you gifts. Don't let us stop you from being happy! But please dont look down on the person who has decided not she doesnt like Mother's Day or who would prefer to ignore it. And dont blame us for not wanting to celebrate with you. We have a good reason.