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10 sports bras that will support even the biggest boobs
Is your bra getting in the way of your workout? It might be time to try a new one. - photo by Shaelynn Miller
If your bra is getting in the way of your workout, it might be time to switch it up. Try one of these bras for your next exercise session:

If you wear A to B:

1. Bounce-B-Gone bra

Just as the name says, the bounce will be gone. "Exactly as promised, it was super supportive and comfortable through my hour-long run, one product tester told Fitness Magazine. This North Face bra works well for women with smaller breasts.

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2. Compression bra

If youre prone to sweating, try this Patagonia bra. The material blend of mesh and spandex creates a breathable and supportive bra. Product testers reported that they finished their run dry, even in the trouble spot between their breasts.

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3. FineForm sports bra

For the women out there with smaller breasts, try a Brooks FineForm sports bra. Try this bra for comfort, support and protection during your workout. One reviewer bought three of these bras, wore one, and bought three more. Plus, the straps can be styled in two different ways.

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If you wear C to DD:

4. Juno sports bra

If you wear sizes between C and DD, this Brooks sports bra can help reduce bounce. Product tested by Glamour, this bra kept breast bouncing under control through climbs, sprints and tab-backs. Use the adjustable straps to help you find the perfect fit.

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5. Plus sports bra

If you want a little freedom for your girls, give this Champion bra a try. This will minimize bounce, but doesn't squeeze your breasts so tight that they feel immovable. For us larger busted women, this is a wonderful sports bra, one reviewer said. Condenses and restrains without discomfort.

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6. Stability bra

Rated most sweat resistant by Health, this Under Armour bra will be worth every penny if you are a fitness fan. The nylon fabric soaks up the sweat from your body and dries quickly to leave you feeling refreshed by the end of your workout.

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7. Tank bra

Who says you cant look cute while you exercise? Heres a bra you wont have to wear a shirt with (and one that still gives you the support you need). Try a Sturdy Girl tank bra for those hot summer days.

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If you wear DD or above:

8. Extreme control sports bra

It can be difficult to find the right sports bra when you have larger breasts. If youre struggling to find the perfect fit, give this Anita bra a try. Women with sizes D and F said this bra held their breasts in place while they exercised. The hook in the back makes putting this bra and taking it off easier, too.

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9. Ladder-back bra

The back straps on this Lynx Sportswear bra provide comfort while you run. One reviewer said, This bra is a game changer! Truly the most comfortable one I have ever worn, and the coverage is perfect.

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10. Underwire crop top bra

The butterfly clip in the back of this Freya bra helps provide even more support while you workout. This clip-on sports bra also makes it easy to put on and remove. One reviewer said this bra provides the support she needs while exercising. The girls don't move when I'm wearing this one at the gym, and it didn't require the taped down feeling you get from compression sports bras.

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Finding the perfect sports bra can be overwhelming. Do your research to find which one works best for you. Check out Fitness Magazine for basic info on choosing the right size and style, or go into the store for a fitting.