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10 sure-fire ways to make time for fitness
In order to lose weight, you've got to make time for exercise. - photo by Callie Hansen
Losing weight is hard enough as it is, and finding time to exercise is even harder. There are so many ways to lose weight through different diets and simple lifestyle changes, but if you really want to lose weight, youve got to exercise.

How do you do it? How do you even get started? Coming from someone new to the exercise/gym routine, it takes willpower and time. If you already have a busy schedule, finding time to workout is difficult. But its ultimately up to you to make a change. Do these ten things, and youll be able to find a routine that makes time for exercise:

1. Come up with a plan

First comes the plan. The plan can be anything you need it to be. Make a list of your goals and ways you can accomplish them. Be specific and straightforward. This plan will be the outline for your fitness routine. Decide how many times a week or day you want to exercise, how long you can exercise for and fit it into your schedule accordingly.

2. Stick to that plan

This is where willpower comes in. You have a plan in place, so go out and get that gym membership and show that youre willing to put the time in for fitness. Some days will be harder than others to stick to the plan, but if you tell yourself you can do it (or you can resist doing something else in place of exercise), youll be much more likely to make a habit of your new routine. Soon, exercising will be as easy as breathing.

3. Make time

Divide your busy schedule into blocks. Figure out where you can take a few minutes out of your day to exercise. Some days are obviously busier than others, which makes it difficult to find the time for exercise. Rearrange your schedule so you can exercise. A day without exercise will only set you back on your journey to reach your goal.

4. Limit your screen time

Go outside and use your movie and TV time as time to exercise. Or exercise while watching TV. Ultimately, limiting your screen time will make you feel more productive; youll get a lot more out of the day if you aren't wasting time on the couch.

5. Find little ways to be active

Park at the back of the parking lot at the grocery store, do some cardio while watching TV or even let your kids get in on exercising with you. Go for a walk with your family, play sports with your kids at the park, go on a run with your dog, etc. There are so many creative ways to implement exercise into your daily life. It doesnt always have to be about lifting weights or running a mile.

6. Think positively

Its amazing what thinking positively will do. Just like Peter Pan, choose to think happy thoughts. Those happy thoughts will lift you over the trials and hurdles youre trying to get over. Bad thoughts will only bring you down. Having the internal motivation to accomplish your goals and dreams will not only let you stick to your plan, but actually see those things fulfilled.

7. Stay true to yourself

Dont lose yourself in the process. Remember who you are and who you want to be. Your self-worth matters more than the way you look. Love yourself for the way you are and youll be able to turn all of those negative thoughts away. Dont listen to what others say about you because what they say doesnt and never will matter. As long as you love yourself and are willing to make efforts to better yourself, youll be able to do anything.

8. Go to bed and get up early

Something so simple as going to bed early and getting up early can make a profound difference in your life. Youll be able to get better sleep, more sleep and have more time to exercise when you wake up. Exercising in the morning will get your mind and body ready to take on the day.

9. Dont talk yourself out of it

Its very easy to talk yourself out of doing something. Talking yourself out of exercise will only lead you down a path away from your goals. Tell yourself that you can do it. Self-motivation will help you to follow through and actually accomplish the goals you initially set in your exercise game plan.

10. Find someone to cheer you on

Be it your kids, your spouse, your parents or your entire family, having someone by your side to cheer you on can be all the motivation you need. When you tell someone your goal, they will help you keep you on track. Theyll be there for you when you feel low so you can pick yourself back up and make your way to achieving your goals.

Exercise is difficult and takes time. Starting today and doing whatever you can to stick to your routine will have a big impact on your life later on. If you implement these 10 things in your life, before you know it, exercise will be just another part of the day and youll be well on your way to becoming a healthier you.