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10 things your wife isn't telling you what she needs
What things aren't you doing for your wife that she desperately needs? - photo by Melinda Fox
Every human has a few basic needs to feel great about life. Your wife is no different. But at times it can be challenging for her to express what she needs to you. Here are some needs that you have the power to fulfill for your wife even if she isn't telling you.

Permission to be imperfect

With all the expectations from society, family, you and herself, your wife may feel like she's repeatedly failing as she tries to measure up to these standards. She probably won't say it out loud, but what she desperately needs is for you to let her know that you love her the way she is; she doesn't need to earn her value by reaching some standard of perfection.

To be a priority

There's no doubt that you have a load of important things to handle, but your wife needs you to put her before everything else. Because she's your wife, her needs must come before your own, your boss's, your parents' and your kids'.

To feel beautiful

Anything from advertisements to beautiful friends can affect your wife's self-image. You are an important piece in making sure those things don't impact her. Avoid pornography, tell her she's beautiful and let her catch you looking at her. If you think she's attractive, chances are she will think so too.


Many women don't get recognized for all that they do. So much of what your wife does may go unthanked because what she does is simply expected. Your wife won't ask to be noticed, but she absolutely needs you to see all the effort she puts in as your children's mother and as your wife. Tell her that what she does is exceptional and express your gratitude.

Your help

She has so much to do and she is capable of doing it, so she may not ask for your help, but she needs you to do it anyway. She needs you to quietly see what needs to be done and go ahead and do it.

A date

Your wife needs to spend time with just you so you can continue to develop your relationship. She needs to be your wife apart from work, kids and daily life. Your wife needs you to romance her and she deserves to be pampered at a nice restaurant or even with a picnic made by you.

To be understood

Listening can do wonders for your wife and your relationship overall. Genuinely ask her how she's doing, listen and remember things that are important to her.

Many times she may come to you hoping that together you can find a solution. Before you can do that, you need to make sure you understand how she's feeling and validate her. Above all else, try to understand your wife.


Your wife needs to be an equal partner in your relationship. Make sure her opinion is valued when making decisions, big and small. Turn to her when you need help with something and make sure she can rely on you when she needs help as well.

A friend

Your wife needs someone she can talk to about anything, whom she can be silly with, and who loves her unconditionally. That person should be you. She needs you to be not only her husband, but her friend.

To be touched

Every person needs to be touched, and your wife needs to be touched by you. Don't wait until you're in bed; she needs you to hug her and to take her hand in yours throughout the day.