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11 tricks for a mess free house with toddlers
Toddlers and messes usually go hand in hand- now they don't with these simple tricks. - photo by Stacie Simpson
These tricks will take little to no time outside of your day to do.

1. Press and seal art bib

Avoid stained shirts and washing clothes with a simple press and seal cover of your child. When they are done, just pull it off.

2. Easy water balloon fill up

Now you dont need to get wet when filling up your balloons. This is so easy that even your children can help out.

3. Shower rod organization

Hang toys, shampoo bottles, or even swimsuits on a second shower curtain placed inside the bathtub. Now you dont have to worry about drying out those toys before they are put away.

4. Fitted sheet playpen

Easy to keep the younger children contained, and a quick clean up if you have an unexpected guest.

5. Infant bath safety

Babies sitting inside inside a laundry bin will make bath time safer and more fun for the child. This will also help contain the toys and keep them close to your child.

6. No mess burrito

Avoid the burrito falling apart and creating a huge mess by simply placing it in a jar, or by having a clothes pin keeping it shut on one end.

7. Small tent sand box

Avoid your sand box becoming a litter box or a haven for weeds by making a tent the sand box. You can provide shade and fun for your children.

8. No mess popsicle

Avoid a mess with this simple hack.

9. Easy suitcase packing

No more clothes being thrown everywhere as your child tries to get dressed on vacation. They just grab a bag and go.

10. Shoe holder Lego organizer

Now you dont need to find a place for all those Lego bins, just hang a shoe organizer on your door. Hopefully this will prevent those stray Legos.

11. Egg carton paint pallet

Plastic or cardboard egg cartons are great for a childs paint pallet. Let them mix colors without worrying the paint will turn into one entire blob of brown on a plate.

Have fun all the while avoiding a mess!