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12 important things you forgot to thank your husband for
Don't let these loving things your husband is doing go unnoticed. - photo by Melinda Fox
A study at the University of Georgia discovered saying thank you can change marriages in a positive way. Lead author Allen Barton said, "Even if a couple is experiencing distress and difficulty in other areas, gratitude in the relationship can help promote positive marital outcomes." Researchers found expressing gratitude causes both partners to be more committed to the relationship.

Every day your husband does things for you that make him exceptional, but have you thanked him for doing them?

1. For thinking about you

Even when you are apart, he thinks about you. You can tell by the way he sends you a text in the middle of the day or when he says, "I wanted to tell you about..." Tell him you're grateful he keeps you on his mind.

2. For being as weird as you

Have you ever stepped back and realized how weird you are? I'm sure have. You are so lucky to be married to someone who loves your weirdness and happens to be a weirdo himself.

3. For still thinking you're beautiful

He's seen you when your face was all puffy with the flu and when old age and childbearing may have taken an apparent toll, but he still thinks you're attractive. Tell him thank you for making you feel like you're beautiful.

4. For being honest (even when you don't want to hear it)

Sometimes the truth hurts, and it's not always fun to be the one to say it. He may not want to tell it like it is, but he does it because he loves you. You're lucky to hear the truth from someone who loves you and who can make it a bit easier to swallow.

5. For being a human jungle gym

Every day when my dad came home, we'd climb all over him. Usually he would be a spaceship taking us on a crazy ride through outer space. He sacrificed his time and comfort to make us happy. Express your gratitude for a husband who is willing to do those kinds of things for your kids.

6. For trusting you

Past mistakes and human error can make trusting a challenge. Be grateful your husband chooses to trust you in spite of all that.

7. For buying tampons

Many men won't be caught dead in the feminine hygiene section. If your man is someone who's willing to do that for you, you should be grateful he's willing to make that small sacrifice to help you out.

8. For noticing when something is wrong

He knows you well enough to sense when something is not all right. Just knowing someone sees you can make you feel better. Be grateful he looks outside himself to make sure you're okay.

9. For making you want to be a better person

He's pretty great. You admire so much about him, and you want to acquire those great attributes he has. You're lucky to have a man in your life who makes you be a better person.

10. For not judging you

Marriage can be a vulnerable relationship; it's impossible not to show your worst side. In spite of that, he sees the whole you. He doesn't judge you based on your mistakes.

11. For caring where you are

He wants to know where you're going, and if you don't come home on time, he's going to be concerned. What a blessing it is to know there's someone who is concerned about your safety.

12. For being him

Out of every man in the world, you get to be married to him, and there's no one else like your guy. Tell him how grateful you are he is who he is and that you get to have him in your life.