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12 ways to make your wife feel ridiculously attractive
Your wife needs to know you think she's beautiful every day. Here's how to make that happen. - photo by Melinda Fox
Throughout time, women have been told they need to be beautiful. Today more than ever we are influenced by comparison traps and marketing schemes that are designed to make us feel like we aren't attractive enough.

Even if your wife isn't someone who buys into society's unachievable beauty standards, she still needs to know that one person thinks she's attractive: her husband. You may feel like you're expressing how beautiful you think she is, but she isn't hearing it. Here are 12 ways to change that.

1. Flirt

The fact that you've got the girl is no reason to stop flirting. You need to keep winning her heart. Little flirtations will make her heart flutter just like when you were first dating. You will make her feel valued and beautiful.

2. Dont look at porn

If you need to look at other women to be turned on -- women who are edited to perfection -- she will feel inadequate. Make sure she knows that she is enough for you by avoiding pornography completely.

3. Make her your priority

Put her before your kids, your career, your parents, your hobbies. She should be the most valuable part of your life and you need to treat her that way. Doing this will make your wife feel cherished.

4. Don't care who's watching

Sometimes public displays of affection can go too far. But giving her a big kiss or grabbing her hand without worrying about other people in the room will make her feel as attractive as heck.

5. Tell her

She needs to hear straight up that you think she's beautiful. Don't save compliments for a day that she's all glammed up; tell her when she's not expecting it.

6. Brag about her

There is something so flattering about hearing the man she loves talk lovingly about her to other people. Don't hesitate to introduce your "beautiful wife" or say how lucky you feel to have a lady like her in your life.

7. Let her catch you staring

The worst thing you could do is let her catch you staring at another woman, whether someone on the street or even a movie star. The best thing you could do is to let her catch you staring at her.

8. Keep her picture close

Carry her photo in your wallet or place a frame on your desk at work. She will love knowing you have a photo of her somewhere that you can always see.

9. Touch her

Put your hand on the small of her back, or do something as simple as brushing your hand on her shoulder as you walk by. A small touch will make her feel gorgeous.

10. Write it down

Sometimes spoken words can feel fleeting and meaningless. If you instead write down your feelings about her, she will recognize the solidity of your words because they are pre-meditated and permanent.

11. Be specific

It's easy to say, "You're beautiful." But noticing specifics like, "I love how your eyes have two colors of brown in them," or "You have the cutest ears I've ever seen" makes her know you mean what you say.

12. Take care of your own looks

By observing your own hygiene, taking time for physical fitness, and caring for your body overall, she will recognize that you believe she is a woman deserving of someone who does his best to look good.