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14 signs you're married to your best friend
Is your spouse the person you'd call if you had to bury a dead body? - photo by Melinda Fox
Maybe it's become cliche to say you're married to your best friend. But honestly, is there anyone else you'd want to sign up to spend forever with? Probably not.

Here are 14 signs that show you're lucky enough to have married your best friend.

1. Running errands is a blast

You have more fun at the gas station than most couples have on a bona-fide date. You can do just about nothing together, and it's a good time.

2. You forget you're not telepathic

With a single look, you know what she's thinking; and sometimes, out of nowhere, he voices a comment about what you were just thinking about.

3. You send double chin photos

He's already seen you at your worst (bed hair, don't care, tears and mascara streaks), so a well-contorted face is nothing to fear.

4. You don't talk

The only thing better than having someone you're comfortable talking with for hours is having someone you're comfortable not talking with for hours. You two can be happy being together without exchanging a single word, and just by sitting silently while on the phone together makes you feel less alone.

5. You know what food she'll order

She always gets pineapple and pepperoni pizza and doesn't like whipped cream on her milkshakes. You know what food she's going to order, and that's good news because half the time you're going to be sharing it anyways.

6. His problems are your problems

It hurts your heart when he's sad. You feel just as invested in fixing his bad situation as he does, and you'll do whatever you can to make things better for him.

7. You have the same guilty pleasures

First of all, you aren't afraid to admit to the other the embarrassing fact that you really love listening to Hilary Duff music (un-ironically). But more than that, you totally support each other's guilty pleasures. That's why you may or may not have spent the weekend binge watching "Make It or Break It."

8. She's the first person you call

It doesn't matter if you've got the absolute best news or the absolute worst newsyour wife is the person you need to tell right now.

9. You crack each other up

Your stash of inside jokes is getting so big you might need to rent out a storage unit to contain all your funny-ness.

10. You accidentally wear matching clothes

Somehow you both instinctively know that it's a blue plaid kind of day.

11. You don't let each other walk home alone

You'd rather bundle up and scrape off your windshield than make him face a dark, chilly walk. And anyways, you know you're not going to be able to fall asleep until he's safe in bed, so you actually don't have another option.

12. You don't have secrets

She knows everything about you. Maybe that's too much to know, but there's no way you can't tell her all things.

13. You can't wait to hang out

You look forward to spending time with him all day long.

14. You tease each other

Someone making fun of you can be the best form of love because it means you're comfortable enough with each other to know that it doesn't threaten your relationship. That's why sometimes it makes you feel all fuzzy when she's teasing you about your pen fetish.