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5 movie gadgets we wish were real
Light Saber
Lightsabers come in a variety of colors and styles, depending on the skill and style of the owner, but can only be handled by those who are masters of the Force. - photo by Brendan Hunter,

TECH CITY — With the announcement of the next iPhone and the Apple Watch, we thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the best high-tech gadgets from the movies.

Check out five of the coolest bits of technology from Hollywood that we all wish were real.

Lightsaber Star Wars: A New Hope
It’s OK to admit it. You’ve always wanted your very own lightsaber, and you’re definitely not alone. Ever since the first glimpse of the laser swords in “Star Wars: A New Hope,” audiences everywhere have longed for a chance to wield the uniquely powerful weapon.

Lightsabers come in a variety of colors and styles, depending on the skill and style of the owner, but can only be handled by those who are masters of the Force. But fret not, young Padawan, you can always find a replica online.

“Star Wars: A New Hope” has an rating of 97 percent worth your time and is appropriate for ages 7+.

Smart Contacts I Spy
Spies always seem to have the coolest tools at their disposal. In fact, you could almost say that a spy is only as good as his gadgets. “I Spy” is jam-packed with awesome appliances, but the coolest are the contact lenses worn by Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy.

When one of the contacts is activated, the person wearing the other one can see everything the first person sees. You literally see two different things in front of you. That pretty much means twice the reconnaissance power.

On second thought, seeing two different perspectives at the same time might give you a wicked headache.
“I Spy” is appropriate for ages 13+ and 100 percent worth your time.

Neutralizer Men in Black
The Neutralizer is a handy little apparatus with the ability to erase a person’s memory of the last hour, day, week, or even year. It is standard issue for all agents employed by MIB, and comes with a pair of chic Ray-Bans.

Think of all of the possible uses for this tiny machine. A Neutralizer could come in handy if you’re in an awkward job interview and give a less-than-satisfactory response. What if you say something to your significant other that you wish would slip their mind? All you need in that situation is a Neutralizer and some classy shades.

Unfortunately, the technology behind the Neutralizer comes from out of town, according to Agent K, so it’s a little out of our reach right now.

“Men in Black” is 80 percent worth your time and appropriate for ages 13+.

Time Turner Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
In the magical world of Harry Potter, there is no shortage of impressive contraptions to accomplish anything a wand can’t. Even the jewelry is full of magical abilities. Such is the case with Hermione’s Time Turner, a necklace that will take you back in time each time you turn the hourglass.

While Hermione uses the Time Turner to attend multiple classes at the same time, some might think she is failing to take full advantage of such a special gizmo. I guess we will just have to satisfy ourselves with living each moment to its fullest.
“Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” is appropriate for ages 9+ and 94 percent worth your time.

Universal Remote Click
When Michael Newman stumbles across a universal remote in the depths of Bed, Bath and Beyond, his life is changed forever, and not in the way you would think.

Just like Michael, we can all see the benefits of having a device to fast-forward through the unpleasant parts of our days. Instead of waiting ages at the DMV, you could skip ahead to your awesome beach vacation.

But if you skip through all of the boring and bad, can you really appreciate the good stuff? If you take anything away from the movie though, you’ll realize that life is meant to be lived without complete control. There is no pause button for reality.

“Click” is appropriate for ages 12+, and has a disappointing 20 percent worth your time rating.