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5 sure signs that you are dating a die-hard mama's boy
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He may be a sweet guy, but he has one detrimental attribute that could ruin your relationship. - photo by David Simonsen
Mamas boys come in all shapes and sizes.

I will tell you right now, if you are dating one, you should stop immediately (unless you don't mind a third party in the relationship). If you knowingly choose to go into a relationship with a mamas boy, you must be prepared for the consequences.

In case you aren't entirely sure if your boyfriend is a mama's boy or not, here are five unmistakable signs that will dispel all doubt:

1. He shows his mother more affection

Affection is an essential part of a great relationship, but if you notice your boyfriend is overly touchy with his mother, that might be a problem. If his affection is mostly directed towards his mom, and not toward you, then there is a good chance you are dating a mamas boy.

2. He doesn't doesnt listen to your advice

You are a competent, accomplished adult, and you probably have some wisdom about some things. Yet, when you give this advice to your significant other, he tends to tune you out. However, if his mom speaks the info, it is something that is often taken as sacred truth.

3. He picks sides

Usually, he is pretty good at supporting you when you need it. When it comes to something that contradicts mommy, he gets wobbly-kneed. He is unable to stand up to his mother. When you need to be supported, he will consistently let you down.

4. Your love life becomes his mother's focus

If your boyfriend's mom is constantly giving you tips on how to treat her son or comparing you to past girlfriends GET OUT! That means your mamas boy is talking too much about your relationship with her. That information needs to stay between the two of you.

5. Changing for the wrong reasons

We all have our little idiosyncrasies, and we should be willing change because we want to improve ourselves and relationships. However, when your significant other asks you to change because it would please his mother, that is a huge red flag.

So what should you do if you find yourself dating a mama's boy?

Make sure you pay close attention to his behavior and how it affects your relationship. Dont simply overlook these things an expect that they will change when you get married (they won't).

All is not lost - don't give up.

Let him know that you need things to change. A mama's boy can change if they make the choice to. Focus on letting him know how his actions make you feel, instead of pointing your finger directly at his mom. If things aren't different within a certain time frame, then you will need to move on.