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5 time-saving tips
Who doesn't want more time in their day? Here are 5 ways to get the most out of each minute. - photo by Megan Shauri
Time is the one thing everyone has an equal amount of. No one can physically add more time to their day. It seems, however, that some people really do have more time than others. They are more productive, get more done in their day and seem to be in masters of their own clock. Its not that they added more minutes to their day, but rather, they learned to use their time more wisely.

Here are 5 time-saving tips that are easier to do then you may think:

Turn off the TV

It's tempting to turn on the TV while you do things on your to do list, but it will steal your time. A lot of people like the TV on for background noise, even if theyre not watching it. But it is very likely that something will catch your attention and before you know it, youre sucked into a program and watching half a season instead of crossing things off your list. The TV is entertaining and addictive, so no matter how much you reassure yourself that you will not let it take your focus away from what youre doing, it will. Thats its job.

It is best to only reserve TV time for when you actually have time to watch.

Get up earlier

This may sound impossible since you are only getting five hours of sleep as it is, but getting up early gives you the flexibility to use your time how you want. If you wake up late, you are forced to fit into everyone elses schedule (like work, school, and kids activities). When you wake up early, you can get things done sooner and perhaps even have free time at the end of your day to go to bed earlier, read a book, take a bath or watch those TV series you never seem to get to. Try waking up earlier for a week and I'm youll be surprised at how much more productive your day is.

Stay away from social media

You may think youre only going to do a quick scroll through just to see whats new, but soon you fall victim to the clickbait, and youre already reading your third article. Wait until you have some down time to view your social media feed, or only open Instagram when you need to waste time, like the checkout line at the grocery store.

Set a timer

Sometimes it seems that time just gets away from us. You thought you had plenty of time to complete a task, then suddenly you are running late. To help you keep track and keep you on schedule, set a timer. If you only have 10 minutes for a project, set a timer. Once it goes off, youre done. Move on to whatever is next in your day. You may not have finished the job, but you are that much closer to being done. Stay true to your timers and dont let yourself to hit snooze.

Make a list

Some people have great minds that remember everything it is they need to do, and when it is do. I do not have one of those minds. I have so much going on, I cannot possibly keep track of everything without making a list. A list can work as a reminder for what you need to buy at the grocery store, due dates for bills, homework assignments, and projects, and help you structure your day. Whether your list is on your phone, in a notebook or written on your hand, they work!

Although there is no magical way to slow down time, these five suggestions can make it seem like time is on your side. Give them a try to see just how much better it feels to be in control of time rather than chasing after it.