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5 ways to keep your husband permanently in love with you
If you never want your husband to fall out of love with you, just do these five things. - photo by Erika Otero Romero
If anythings hard in a relationship, its constantly keeping the affection of the person you love. Even though it may seem difficult, its not impossible. I like to think that "if theres a will, theres a way." If you want something enough and youre willing to work for it, youll be able to accomplish it. This applies even to love.

Therefore, through experience and much pondering, I have come to the conclusion that constant attention is required to discover the little details that will help your partner fall in love with you daily. Here I share five points to help you keep your husband completely in love with you:

Believe in yourself

Theres something so attractive about a woman that doesnt doubt herself, her beauty, her faith or her qualities. Realizing how great you are will ensure that your husband holds on to you in difficult times. But, more importantly, he will admire your strength and mental clarity in times of need.

Be confident

When jealousy tries to govern the relationship, its best to banish the feeling. Prove to your husband that you trust him and that he can trust you, not only as a loyal partner, but as a woman who can be someone to turn to in times of insecurity, fear and even failure.

Be sympathetic

To understand someone you must be "all eyes and ears." Listening is the key to understanding someone. Stop complaining and free yourself from the need to identify and judge your spouse's mistakes. Avoid the opportunity to criticize. Doing so will show him you are not only his wife, but a friend in whom he can trust.

Make yourself understood

As mentioned above, to understand, you need to know how to listen; but you also need to know how to communicate to be understood. Speak without shouting, without desperation. Dont pick at qualms, dont twist your words, dont "go out on a limb;" be frank and direct. Misunderstandings cause a number of negative issues.

Be fun

Recognize that you dont know everything and you can even laugh at yourself. This will make him love you a little more every day. Believe me, your smile will light up the darkest days and relax stressful times. So look at the bright side of everything and help him do the same, every day. Invite him to an unexpected date or surprise him with a nice touch; and show him that even though you are his rock, you can also laugh together.

Every man is different, and if you love your husband, youll work to learn what he loves about you. Cultivate the qualities that he is attracted to and seek to improve. Remember that you have everything you need to make your husband always feel as in love with you as he did from day one.

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