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5 weight loss benefits to apple cider vinegar you didn't know about
Swoosh some apple cider vinegar in your mouth daily, and you could easily reap the rewards of weight loss and more. Really! - photo by Liset Rivet
We all know the one main reason any person would allow themselves to swallow vinegar every day, especially apple cider vinegar.

The weight loss benefits that the ingredient reaps are endless. Here are a few examples that it stimulates more than just losing weight.

1. Detoxifies your body

This vinegar has been one of the biggest weight loss hypes in the fitness world and has only gained more fame. Apple cider vinegar has properties so strong that it cleans your entire system of bacteria and other pathogens. The vinegar works similarly to a chemical that kills your entire nervous system of any outside invaders. Which is good because it will keep your health and digestion tract running smoothly.

2. Speeds your metabolism

Apple cider vinegar kicks your system into overdrive. It even helps your body burn calories more accurately and at a heightened speed. It balances your body in a way to improve the alkaline in your body, which is beneficial towards your bodys natural functions.

3. Controls blood sugar levels

According to an article by Arizona State University this vinegar lowers post-meal and fasting glucose levels. Taking apple cider vinegar will promote control over your blood levels and help stabilize other body stats such as controlling diabetes, anemia and other conditions.

4. Prevents fat accumulation

Apple cider vinegar is a natural fat fighter simply because it is an organic acid. Your body over time builds fatty tissue regardless if it is healthy or not and that sticks together in clumps in your stomach, basically like a strong probiotic. Your bodys own natural acid breaks it up and the vinegar only accelerates that break up. This helps in preventing that fat from continuing to expand.

5. Appetite suppressor

It suppresses your appetite for a while, and the vinegar acts as a cleanser because your stomach is focusing on the hunger giving it another way to allow your stomach to suppress that hunger. Its not good to go without eating, obviously, but holding off on something heavy could be beneficial. Alternatively, your stomach focuses on cleaning it out of any other bacteria or pathogens that could affect it before returning to the hunger you were originally feeling.

All you need to do is swoosh some apple cider vinegar in your mouth daily, and you could easily reap the rewards of weight loss. Personally, I like to take two teaspoons of the liquid in a day. One during the morning and then at night.

But you could easily consume it other ways. For example, mix it in your water or drink a sip of it right before every meal, and you could easily achieve each of the health benefits on this list.

Also, keep in mind that you will want to take all organic raw apple cider vinegar. It will serve you the best and consuming all those preservatives will only counteract the above listed.