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6 crazy things women do that drive men to baldness
Understanding why women do these 6 seemingly crazy things may help keep the hair on their men's heads. - photo by Megan Shauri
To say women and men are different is an understatement. They can be as different as night and day, but those differences are usually what brings them together. However, there are certain things women do that can leave men pulling their hair out when they just cant understand why we act the way we do. Here are 6 examples.

Saying Im fine

The classic Im fine when asked if were okay is a killer for men. Most of them take if for face value and actually believe you. Then, they get in even more trouble because they didnt read through your gritted teeth that you are actually NOT fine. Those that do know there really is something bothering you, will try to get it out of you, but that can be tricky as well. Its all about timing and tact, and not all men have that mastered, yet.

Beating ourselves up

We tend to be our worst critics, and this can really make our men angry. They love us so much, and seeing us beat ourselves up over somethingwhether it be not fitting into a dress, burning the dinner or feeling like we are not a good enough mother or wifeupsets them. It is hard for them to understand that we cant see how amazing we really are.

Changing our mind

Women are known for being indecisive, and once we make a decision, we can totally change our mind whenever we want. Some men have no trouble telling you exactly what they want and how they want it. It is particularly frustrating for these types, when were constantly changing our minds. We tend to have a million thoughts going through our minds when it comes to making a decision. We think about how it will affect every single person involved and even those not involved and all possible outcomes. Putting all these variables together can make it hard to come to the best possible solution, and men just don't seem to understand that and it drives them crazy.

Not being direct

As a woman, I think it is rude to be straightforward. I tend to be more tactful and careful about what I say and when describing my emotions. This usually means I am not super direct. It takes a while to come out and say something, and I talk around the issue instead of directly about it. This, again, can drive men nuts. They dont like to make guesses, they take things very literally and dont want to read womens minds. For their sakes, we should try to be a bit more direct, at least about the important things.


What man likes crying? Whether we have a good reason or not, it seems crying makes men uncomfortable. They dont know what to do. Do they give you a hug? Ask you whats wrong? Try to make you feel better? Or, just stand there looking at you awkwardly? It seems tears are something that really make men sweat.

Thinking were never good enough

A good man is your biggest cheerleader and knows how much potential you have. When you start doubting yourself and thinking youre not good enough to do something, it is maddening to him. Hopefully he realizes you are waiting for him to encourage you, support you throughout the process and tell you, you can do it; but unless you tell him directly that is what you need, he may not. Then, everyone is frustrated.

Although these little habits can lead our men to baldness, they are enduring and make us who we are. Women might want to go a little easier on their men, and men might try to be a bit more understanding of their women. If we do that, then we will all get along even better.