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7 small changes to help you workout in the morning
Having a hard time fitting a workout into your morning routine? These tips can help. - photo by Megan Shauri
Does it seem impossible to get a workout in when you barely have time to get to work on time? Or, maybe you struggle with getting out of bed in the first place, meaning you have no time for exercise before you start your day. Don't worry even if your mornings are busy, here are a few tricks to help you fit in a workout:

1. Go to bed earlier

One obvious way to find time to workout in the morning is to go to bed earlier. It's easier said than done, but everyone can streamline their nightly routine to get more sleep. Is your evening spent watching TV? Do you spend time reading "just one more chapter?" If you find yourself falling in either of these categories, set a timer for yourself, and stick to it! Give yourself a certain amount of time to read or watch television, then go to bed after the timer goes off. That way, you still get to unwind in the evening and get to bed on time.

2. Lay your clothes out before bed

If you're unorganized, you may be spending more time looking for two socks that match than you are actually spending on your work out. To save time (and your sanity), lay out your clothes before bed. Have everything ready to go so you just have to wake up, put on your clothes, grab your bag and head out the door.

3. Get a jump-start

You've got a huge work project due tomorrow, and your kids just informed you they need 50 cookies for the Friday Bake Sale. Instead of skipping out on your workout to fit in these new tasks, get a jump-start.

Do yourself a favor and prepare for tomorrow, today. Complete one of tomorrow's big tasks now instead of pushing it off for later. Bake the cookies while you watch TV. Tackle the first part of your project after the kids are in bed. By getting ahead on your "to do" list now, you'll be able to complete tasks before they're due and commit mornings to exercise.

4. Make your breakfast the night before

Breakfast, school lunches and snacks are easy to prepare the night before (and lead to a smoother morning routine). Get those done in the evening so youre not tempted to skip breakfast or send your kids to school with lunch money because you went to the gym.

5. Set your alarm 10 minutes early

If you are guilty of pressing "snooze" one too many times, set your alarm 10 minutes early so you can still "snooze" and get up on time.

To help you actually snooze only once, set your alarm away from your bed. It doesnt matter if its your phone or an actual alarm clock, set it on a counter or dresser that is far enough away that you have to get out of bed to turn it off (but close enough that you will still hear it).

6. Workout with a friend

You're more motivated to make it to the gym on time if you have a friend waiting for you in the parking lot.

7. Make a commitment to yourself

It may sound corny, but if you make a true commitment to yourself to get up and workout, you are more likely to do so. Keep yourself accountable by telling your spouse or friends about your goal. Even if you dont ask them to hold you accountable, you will feel more pressure to keep your commitment when you know someone knows.

Decide on a set amount of days and times you want to work out, and be specific if you just say you want to work out more, it will be easy to give up on your goal. But if you commit to working out five days a week for 30-45 minutes, then you have a specific goal you can measure.

All of these are simple tricks that can really help you make time to workout in the morning. Try a couple and see if they help you stick to a schedule, then let us know how it went in the comments.