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8 ways to romance your wife
8 ways to romance your wife.Photo.KS
To keep the one you have, treat them like you don't have them yet. - photo by

Oftentimes the husband is just as overwhelmed as the wife with the everyday duties of work, household chores, helping out with the children or helping a family member that he unintentionally overlooks the need to romance his wife. Sometimes a wife needs more than a simple “I love you.”
My husband learned throughout our nine years of marriage that beautiful spoken words are good and welcomed, but those words accompanied with actions are better.
Below are just a few of the romantic things my husband has spoiled me with throughout the years.
Jewelry. You do not have to buy new jewelry to show her affection. Grab a hold of one of her favorite pieces and engrave it with a message or initials. For example, if it’s a ring you gave her in the past, have a sweet message engraved or a special saying only you and her understand.
Plan a getaway. The getaway does not have to be expensive. It can be a couple of hours away from home. Just sweep her off her feet to a quiet and peaceful place for a weekend. Take the time to unwind and enjoy each other’s company without the children, cell phones, emails and social media.
Watch her favorite movies. You and your wife may have different tastes in movies. And sometimes it can get uncomfortable having to sit down for two or more hours watching a movie you dislike. But make the sacrifice to dedicate an evening to your wife’s favorite movies. Don’t forget the popcorn.
Call your local radio station on her birthday. I remember when my husband called our local radio station to wish me a happy birthday. At first, I thought I was hearing things, but I was not. He wished me a Happy Birthday and said a romantic message only we understood. When you choose to do this, make sure your wife is listening to the station.
Prepare a surprise dinner. On your day off, pick up the kids from school and have the kids help you prepare a delicious meal. If it’s only you, prepare a romantic meal with candlelight and soft music as if you both were at a restaurant.
Send flowers to her job any random day. You do not have to wait for mother’s day, her birthday or Valentine’s Day to send your wife flowers. Surprise her with a dozen roses or daisies and attach a note that reads: “Just Because You’re Wonderful.” Random acts of love are the best.
Set a girl’s night out while you stay with the kids. Usually, the woman sets up a girl’s night out with her girlfriends. The next time you hear your wife is looking forward to a girl’s night out, call her close friend and ask her for some insight. Find out some places she would like to go. Along with her best friend – or if you choose to do it alone – set up the entire evening for your wife’s girl’s night out. Once everything is set, present her with the news when she least expects it.
A card with a rose. Purchase one rose along with a card that expresses exactly how you feel for her. Sign the card with an “I Love You” and place on top of her pillow. If you have children, ask them to choose a card and write a sweet note as a token of appreciation. Then place the rose on the card(s).

Here are some more ways to rekindle your romance. Keep the romance in your marriage alive by doing little acts of love as often as you can. And tell your wife how much you love her every chance you get. You don’t have to wait for special occasions to show the love of your life how you really feel.  Mayra Bitsko is a freelance writer, the author of A Second Chance and The Past Beckons and holds a master's degree in business administration-accounting. Contact her at