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After 56 years of marriage, couple expresses feelings without using the word 'love'
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Bob and Kim face the difficult task of expressing their feelings for each other without using the word "love." - photo by Morgan Jones

Bob and Kim met 56 years ago. Kim thought Bob was trouble, and Bob thought Kim would be hard to get along with. Three days later, Bob told Kim that he was going to marry her, and they have been together ever since. The two were asked by Hallmark to describe their feelings for one another without using the word "love." The two then came together to watch what the other said.

“They say that two become one,” Bob said. “We’ve really done that, and that just says it all.”

The feelings that Bob expressed were reciprocated.

“He’s part of me,” Kim said. “He really is part of me. I can’t imagine myself without him, which is scary but real.”

Hallmark created several advertisements based around the tagline “Put Your Heart To Paper.” The ad campaign encourages people to “go beyond ‘I love you’ " this Valentine’s Day.